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  • Whitebane
    21 4 1

    What happens when you are the last witch left from a massive exodus? When nosy neighbors find out just a bit too much? When you are taken from everything you know and love to the mercy of the merciless? This, among many other things, Rahesia Blackburn will find out as she is cast from her home into a dark world of vic...

  • SC: Bloodlines
    586 173 23

    Be wary, Storycraftian. We have seen what can befall when you are Trapped, and when you engage in War. Are you certain you wish to know your place in this ever-churning sea of words? If so, open your eyes to the four families below. You cannot choose your own bloodline. Story Craft chooses it for you. May the creators...

  • Outcasts Fall
    567 36 7

    Fracture knew that he wasn't an Earth creature, even before be heard the tales his owner told him about the Kluckz, a race far away, that wore the skull of their greatest enemies and were the greatest warriors of any beast. And somehow, young Fracture had ended up here, a slave to a reptilian master from the race Aape...