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  • Lost and Found
    210K 9.7K 37

    He was looking for love when he found something else. She found love while losing something else.

  • Siya at Ako (Siya Book 1)
    2.1M 39.5K 86

    Sino bang tinutukoy niya? Published under Pop Fiction, an imprint of Summit books. Copyright © 2018 peachxvision (Jessamine Verzosa) Available in bookstores nationwide. Author's Note: Siya will be divided into two books: chapters 1 to 75 will be entitled "Siya at Ako (Siya Book 1)," while chapters 75 to 143 will be "S...

  • Siya at Kami (Siya Book 2)
    181K 4.1K 70

    Sino bang tinutukoy niya?

  • Gakuwesaribig
    124K 2.3K 1

    Unusual words meet usual people

  • Gakuwesaribigin
    92.8K 1.6K 1

    Usual people meet unusual stories (Book 2 of Gakuwesaribig)

  • This is Not a Love Story
    133K 2K 1

    Sometimes . . . endings happen first.

  • Tossed Coin
    137K 1.7K 1

    Toss. Flip. Drop.