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  • High By The Beach
    277 85 14

    In Pine Point, Maine, a terrible accident shakes up the small town. Leaving Elizabeth King dead. Olivia Ross knows it was her fault and everyone blames her. After the accident Olivia's family takes her away for the summer and now they are back in Pine Point. Olivia has changed and so have her friends. People won't eve...

  • Nightwalker
    1.5K 305 41

    Amy Nightwalker's mother dies mysteriously in a car crash and Amy and her sister, Emma, are sent to live with their grandmother that they had no idea existed. Amy meets West Andrews, the extremely attractive neighbor and the rest of the mysterious family but something weird is going on in the house and Amy feels she i...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Can Be Alice, I'll Be The Mad Hatter
    1.1K 44 21

    A mysterious dream will draw two lovers together. Samuel Larsen, who lives his life as a struggling musician, is awestruck by the girl of his dreams, a hazel eyed princess in a dream but a slightly anxious awkward girl in person. This is loosely inspired by my own fangirl love of Samuel Larsen. ***COVER BY Sad_Masque...

  • Taylor Swift: Know You Better
    455K 8.2K 19

    What inspired Taylor to write each track on Red? While Taylor has shared so much with us, there are some things that only the Swift One knows. After writing Taylor Swift: The Platinum Edition, our biography of Taylor, we couldn't resist imagining the stories behind the songs of Red. Though each story is inspired by t...