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  • Blue Skies (An Adventure Time Fanfic)
    20.6K 475 18

    Marshall Lee The Vampire King is impossibly strong, immortal, and can fly. But he's plummeting down into a love-filled abyss, hard. And as long as he's going to live forever, he figures he should accept the impending emotional roller coaster that's sure to come in the following years. Marshall Lee should expect nothin...

  • The One Who Will Always Be There (Book 2 of My Love, My Love)
    2.6K 71 2

    This is the sequel to My Love, My Love. There will be lots of love and and lots of confusion. When Kyo comes home from a four month trip to the moutains with his master, he finds his love awaiting his return.

  • Your Choice (Fiolee)
    48.8K 1.2K 33

    **I made this when I was twelve; take that for what you wish. Fionna was a young woman. She was no pushover like her old preteen days. She was ready to get into the dating game. However, with this enthusiasm and spontaneous passion, she quickly learns the dangers of it. Who will she choose? Well, it's her choice. War...

  • Nightwing : Darkness
    2.2K 67 7

    Nightwing (A.K.A Dick Grayson) is being the Crime Fighter he is, but when a weird crime happens, all the evidence says Nightwing did it. Nightwing must find what's going on even if he has to reveal his identity!

  • The Birds of Prey: Nightwing (Batman Fanfic)
    9K 212 17

    He fell. First going limp then plunged into the darkness and was engulfed by it and my eyes were unable to see where he fell to.My hands groped at the glass my heart was beating sporadically as I clutched at the window pane. My breath came out ragged and seeped out over the window making it cloudy and even more diffi...

  • I can see the world in your eyes
    149 6 1

    Will I always be alone?

  • My bad little boy (fiolee)
    194K 4.8K 38

    Marshall lee and Fionna have been friends forever. He's her best bud but what will happen when she starts to develop feelings for the vampire king. and the shocking turn of events when gumball realizes that he's in love with Fionna. What will happen then. Disclaimer I do not own Adventure time the people who Make Adve...

  • HELP ME!!!
    234 5 1

    Horrible dreams. Panick. HELP ME!!!

  • [ABANDONED STORY](don't read pls,,,)
    13K 230 20

    Please don't read this anymore This is utter crap I'm only using this for reference The remake is up. Just read that instead. This is total bullpoop I s2g This story makes me cringe... BAD

  • Living for you. (A Pewdiecry Boy x Boy)
    48.4K 1K 12

    Felix, commonly known as Pewdiepie, has been having a tough time. Between his parents begging for him to return to Sweden and Marzia threatening to leave, Pewds doesn't really know what to do. Cry, or Ryan, is his best friend. He turns to Cry when ever he's in need. Cry declares Pewds take a time off and come visit hi...

  • Do You Remember? (PewdieCry / A collab with a friend) ((On Permanent Hiatus))
    11.5K 443 25

    Ryan and Felix were friends at a very young age. But a few years of amazing friendship, an unhappy moving down south tears them apart. Ryan promises Felix that he'll remember him. A tragic car accident makes Felix loose most of his childhood memories, including Ryan. Ryan moves to Felix's town ten years later, only t...

  • Innocence- a Fiolee Fanfiction (Editing)
    117K 4K 29

    ORIGINAL COVER by Mbrittany.- Fionna The Human is incredibly busy lately. To try and manage everything that's going on, she finds herself often getting help from her friend, Marshall Lee. Marshall often finds himself not least, for a little while. They start to need the other's company more and more, thou...

  • Ciel x Reader- Dreams of Who We Used To Be
    235K 9.3K 16

    During the day, you're a 13 year old street preformer, trying to earn enough money to keep your six year old brother alive. But when the sunsets, you become a skilled assassin that has never been doubted as the best. And you've got your next target. Ciel Phantomhive.

  • Fiolee The Untold Story
    17.5K 657 17

    It's the untold story of Marshall Lee and Fionna! :D

  • Number 18(Pewdiecry Fanfic)
    265K 7.8K 44

    There is a mad man on the loose. A man so evil and so insane that he has murdered 17 people. No one knows his real name, people just know him as Cry. One night Felix Kjellberg is wandering around the Angelina Woods, but what he doesn't know is that he's about to fall under Cry's trap and get kidnapped by him. Once Cry...

  • spirited away- the dragon inside me
    1.7K 21 1

    chihiro goes back in the spirit world, find out how everything goes between her and her beloved haku. what happens in her journey in the spirit world this time. -----------> this is my first story so it might be bad but.....i hope you enjoy

  • You'd Never Hurt Me...Right? (A Fiolee Story)
    29K 779 8

    Marshall Lee- The immortal Vampire King. Does what he wants, when he wants. Fionna- The human adventuress. Caring, brave, and smart, and maybe even a bit naiive. What happens when these two friends keep getting closer? Can the Vampire King learn to love this human girl without hurting her? Can Fionna leave herself v...

  • Kyo and Tohru
    3.3K 63 9

    Tohru's Sensei has come to pick her up. Will this change Tohru's fate? I want to thank Scarletfox_NC for editing! She's amazing and I love her so much!

  • Haruhi's first patrol, Zero's fight
    894 21 3

    Haruhi Fujioka, a student of the high class school Ouran Academy, has recently befriended the Cross Academy guardian Zero Kiryu. Wanting to tag along with Zero on one of his patrols, Zero and her left the dorm they met at. But in which the both of them encounter an unruly guest and end up being the target of his blood...

  • Pewdiecry
    11.3K 65 5

  • Light's Lost Hero.(A Kingdom Hearts 2 Story)
    10.3K 168 12

    We leave our duties sometimes undone. Our journey started as being a new hero to the light and It has ended Into Darkness. I shared my heart with a Boy, A boy who was once blinded by darkness. Our relationship began at being a burden but It grew when we left eachother when my other half, my friend, was killed in front...