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  • Forget Me Not
    174K 9.2K 41

    It was supposed to be the usual. Aoba Jousei Volleyball Team would practice hard in the gymnasium. Oikawa's fangirls would be there, cheering for him. The captain himself would smile and wave at them. Iwaizumi would half kill him to make sure he focused on their practice. [Name] was supposed to be just another ordina...

  • Dibs (Oikawa Tooru X Reader)
    248K 7.7K 16

    Is it too childish to call dibs on someone? Yeah? But sometimes.... Sometimes it really works... (Oikawa Tooru x reader)

  • [Re:] Single Parent : Kuroo Tetsurou
    3.5K 139 4

    [Re:Write] "It's only special if it happens once." Kuroo Testuro, is given Lev Haiba, his supposedly son, out of nowhere and struggles to realize he is a parent. Not knowing what it takes to be a responsible parent, he struggles to take care of a child for the first time in his life.

  • Secrets (Shin-ah X Reader)
    152K 5K 33

    (In the middle of slight editing. On the special Birthday Chapter now) So this is a Shin-ah x reader and has a weird plot. Basically reader-chan and her mother run a clinic in a poor fire territory village and reader-chan is friends with Yoon, whom of which comes to help the villagers regularly. But reader-chan has a...

  • 707xReader: Fix You
    84.4K 4.5K 31

    UNDERGOING EDITING ___ When [Y/N] struggles in math class, the teacher decides to assign her a tutor. The fire-headed, nerdy boy with big rimmed glasses who sat in the front of the classroom was there to answer the call. She was never very fond of the whole "tutoring" thing as it has never worked in the past, so why w...

  • Fix My Heart (Discontinued) | Levi x Reader
    257K 9.2K 59

    She pressed the knife harder on my neck. I could feel the blade slowly pierce my skin, and the blood dripped down to my chest. "Ready to die, (Y/N)?" "Trust me, I've been ready for years." {Disclaimer: I do not own Attack On Titan, nor do I own any art or music I put in this book}

  • LevixReader = Forbidden Love =
    39.8K 1.1K 10

    You were once a happy-go-lucky girl and a charming one I presume, you were always the belle of them all prancing around and spreading happiness wherever you go and being the mischievous kid you were you decided that you would sneak out of your house and disguise yourself to go to the treacherous place that they call t...

  • {levixreader} Glass Pasts
    42.3K 1.2K 13

    The Colossal titan has breached the wall again. The Survey Corps just might not be ready but desperate times call for desperate measures.

  • Pyro Prince (Natsu X Reader)
    322K 12.3K 39

    In a land far away, lived a rather impulsive Prince by the name of Natsu. Without being raised by a guardian, he is left to find out what is duties are as a prince. Due to his adventurous like behavior, he comes across a remarkable girl known as (y/n). He feels as if this is love at first sight. But what happens when...

  • Levi x Reader | The Love Letter
    436K 15.2K 19

    It all started and ended with a single piece of paper. _____________ Disclaimer: I do not own Attack on Titan, the characters and the pictures. Happy reading! All the love -L

  • Levi x Reader.
    145K 4.1K 47

    I love you guys, so why not Levi x Reader?

  • Levi X Reader 〈 Alone 〉
    653K 21.2K 24

    "Please, live"