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  • My Wattpad Favourites
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    Its been a year since I opened my account on Wattpad and I came across many books. Here's just the list of all the books that I read and loved on Wattpad! Note: Some books might not be hitting the 'Hot list'. But they are definitely the best ones that I've read.

  • The Best Of Wattpad
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    Interviews with my favorite authors on Wattpad. All of the interviewees in this "book" are (in my opinion) some of the best on Wattpad. Get to know your favorite author better!!! If you have a favorite author and want me to interview them, pm me!!

  • 100 Interviews with 100 Wattpad authors
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    100 interviews with YOUR favorite wattpad authors!

  • The Wattpad Stars(INTERVIEWS!)-Part1
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    INTERVIEWS!!! Here, you will get to know things that you don't know about the authors, the stars of Wattpad will give you advice on writing.Interviews of the rising stars on wattpad..,,authors....uhh...i don't know what else to write here O.o Check out their stories ✓ Vote for their stories ♡ and of course Enjoy them...

  • Infinite Interviews
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    Interviews with some of the hottest Watty users around and some new, aspiring authors! Explore their lives! Learn about their books! Find a new story to read! See it for yourself!

  • Announcements !
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    Any announcements I have for you guys will be found right here in this very story :D .

  • Wattpad Corner 2011 Interviews
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    Wattpad's Corner brings you 2011 interviews.

  • Red Carpet Interviews from the Watty Awards 2011 - Round 2
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    Come and read the interviews from the nominated authors as they walk down the red carpet to the Watty Awards 2011.

  • Must-Reads On Wattpad
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    Are you looking for great books to read on Wattpad? Well lucky for you, here are a few (maybe a little more than a few) of my recommendations. These will be the BEST books you will EVER read on Wattpad! Sorry if any are no longer available! Enjoy xoxo

  • Interviews with some of our famous wattpadders
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    hey guys these are just a few interviews with some of our wattpadders, please enjoy them and feel free to make comments, also special shout out to AnnabelLloyd97 for the original awesome cover and to coverserock for the new cover!!! bye!!! XD