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  • Alice : A Magical Story [Under Heavy Editing]
    68.8K 1.7K 42

    Lucy Heartfilia. 16 years old with blonde hair and brown eyes, never saw her dad and lost her mother when she was 7 years old, that's when she found out that she had an Alice. A kind of power only few people possess. She enters Alice Academy after she turns 16 years and meets and befriends many people. But the questi...

  • The Supernatural Academy
    79.8K 3.2K 33

    When supernatural beings turn 16 they are given the chance to enrol in 'The Supernatural Academy Boarding School'. Here they are able to work on and master their abilities so that when out in the public they can control themselves and not be caught by humans. Many teens choose to go to this school as a way to keep peo...

  • The Gilbert Twin (TVD) Book 2
    112K 2.6K 24

    Annabelle (Bella) Gilbert is back, but not human. After the events of finding her birth mother, finding out John is her father and killing Lincoln, how will she cope when she faces new threats with werewolf's and the Original vampires. (Damon Romance) (COMPLETE) Based on The Vampire Diaries Season 2

  • The Tale of the Fey (Jasper Whitlock Hale Twilight fanfic)
    589K 17.1K 22

    If vampires and werewolves are real, who's not to say the other fairy tales aren't? Then Cullens take an immediate notice to the new girl in town, Charlotte Waters. She certainly isn't a werewolf but lacks vampire qualities. But she defiantly isn't human, and the Cullens just can't figure out what she is. Charlotte Wa...

  • The Valiant (The Seventh Avenger)
    111K 2.4K 102

    "My life seems to be a stone continuously sinking to the bottom of a lake." Grace Margaret Moriarty is just a kid, but she's not normal. She has the ability of the time, mind and power stones. While struggling from the memories of Chicago, Grace must take on the job of being the youngest Avenger. Based on the Avenge...

  • Secrets /1/ TVD
    330K 8.6K 61

    Rory Forbes, Caroline Forbes' sister, never knew what she was walking into when she came back to Mystic Falls. She had no idea about everything that really went on in the small town in Virginia. She never thought that she would end up tangled up with werewolves, vampires, witches, hybrids and the Original family. All...

  • She Jumped 100 Times
    125 29 7

    every time she jumps, accounted for in writing. until she dies. *** Ichigo has had a rough past. And it turns out she'll have a rough future once she finds out about her special ability: the power to feel others' emotions. But this is not your average, happy little story of a young girl learning how to control her pow...

  • Luna Of Them All
    99.8K 3K 75

    Hurt. Abused. Tortured. Raped. That's all Harper Mills experienced ever since she was ten years old, right after her mother died. Her father never showed her love or care. All he showed her was pain and abuse. Harper would always pray to the Moon Goddess to help her escape this terrible life. When the Moon Goddess ans...

  • Miserably Delightful
    128K 8.3K 32

    Sang Sorenson is a sheltered rich girl whose life is a lot more rough than most believe. Her entire life has consisted of abuse from her step-mother, and overbearing older brothers who would do anything to shelter her from the world. But when she transfers to public school and meets a group of nine guys who have h...

  • Hidden In Plain Sight
    6.1K 344 7

    Within the first twelve years of a child's life (sometimes based on a pivotal moment of maturity for the elder party) a mark shows up somewhere on their body displaying the signature of their soulmate. As they age "gifts" will appear, often some form of magic or enhanced ability. I "Sang" Sorenson am an anomaly and ac...

  • The Rainbow Razorwhip
    10.7K 641 29

    RainbowFlash is a rainbow Razorwhip dragon who is raised by a Death Song dragon. Once old enough, she sets out on her own to see the world and meet her dragon species... At the same time, Runa is a 13 year old girl who lives on her village of Golden Heart. She sets out alone to find and tame her very own dragon... So...

  • Wanderer ~ Ghost Bird Fanfic (DISCONTINUED)
    175K 6.5K 24

    {Based on C.L.Stone's Ghostbird Series. Mature content warning ⚠️: Sexual themes 👌🏻👈🏻, cursing 🤬, some scenes with hard to stomach situations🤮(nothing that will maim or scar her), And baboons with vendettas 🐒. You have been warned. Protagonist is an original.} Callaia Sosa is a 20 y.o. Wanderer who's finally co...

  • The Wanted Bird
    108K 4.8K 38

    She's been a single bird since training. She was at the top of her gun training class. She was able to stay alive as a loner bird since she was seven. Even though older teams usually took her out for missions she always felt alone. The only team that kept tabs on her was the Toma team. They trained her. They know h...

  • DEFY 2 - Fated Blood
    464 132 17

    Dead. That is the word whispered through the streets of Lanedale on that abnormally warm winter's day. That is the word the town mumbles to itself as a 13 year old boy disappears without a trace. That is the word that catches young Nix's attention as she wanderers out of her house the next morning, in search of a brot...

  • Argent Eye
    99.4K 4.9K 36

    Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Lightning, Ice and Metal. An Argent Eye is chosen by only one. Two? A rarity. Three? Unheard of. All seven? Impossible. Or is it? After being stabbed in the back- literally- Millie Robinson doesn't think her life can get anymore disastrous. However, after a mysterious man tells her that she no...

  • Royal Academy
    173K 4.8K 27

    Shayla is your normal teenage girl, well not really, her parents are shipping her off the a borading school in Russia so they could go on a romanic world tour. Shayla is not the shy nerd that everyone thinks she is, she smart and witty, also isn't one to fall for charming guys. What Shayla didn't know was the school w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spellbinders Secret
    124K 9.1K 39

    Welcome to Celestia, the realm of the Spellbinders, and it's many countries. Ella is a Spellbinder who has been a member of The Resistance for almost as long as she can remember, and while she may only be 16, she's their strongest warrior. Times are hard for the Resistance. The Cursed Ones they fight everyday to keep...

  • The Rider's Fate
    838K 48.3K 38

    Neely Lynch wants nothing more than to stay hidden from the spotlight. Raised in the human world, she knows only stories of her true home. A place where dragons rule the skies and wolves prowl in the dark of night. A place where her family name speaks of a terrible and bloody history. A history that no one wants to r...

  • Dreams Do Come True (Discontinued)
    99.5K 5.9K 34

    Sang Sorenson is almost 18 years old and never had any friends, boyfriend, first kiss, or even talked to anyone her own age. She was forced to never leave home by her Stepmother. So what happens when she has to go into town to get a job? Sang Sorensen's life is about to begin with adventure, romance, and a lot of fun...

  • HERO - Spideypool [fanfic]
    1.5M 71.2K 39

    (i hope you'll give this a shot despite the cheesy title) Dedicated to my friend Vanya, whom I started this fanfic for ^^ Wade doesn't think he can be saved. Ever since his face got fucked up, he didn't see much beauty left in him. That was until Peter came around, with a determined goal; to be the hero everyone alrea...

  • Love Isn't the Only Thing That's Blind.
    264K 10.9K 64

    Axel Lancaster was a mostly normal child, but when his brother gets shot and killed. When his mother, Caroline, drove Axel to the hospital to see his brother, they get in a car crash. Glass shattered and penetrated Axel's eyes, rendering him blind. Pursuing his school career, Axel gets a rather weird teacher.

  • Wolf of Cinders
    867K 36.4K 23

    The Alpha of the pack is the leader. He is the main one in control and sets the laws of his pack. The Omegas are the lowest of low in the pack, lower than the subordinates. I never asked to be the Omega, that's just how it is. Born to be hated by society for doing nothing. Born to be a slave to my foster family after...

  • The Pajama Kid
    757K 29.3K 26

    Chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may get worse with physical or mental activity. This fatigue significantly interferes with daily activities and work. I have that syndrome. My name is William Elijah Brookes and I haven't left the house in over two month...

  • One Lost Can Be a Gain(Discontinued)
    80.8K 2.2K 12

    Peter Parker, fifteen-year-old vigilante. Fifteen-year-old teen that had lost everything in his life. First his Parents, then his Uncle Ben. Then...everything went down hill. He lost his Aunt May. They were just driving, driving home to avoid traffic, it was just a shortcut! That Shortcut lead May to her death, it lea...

  • #CoupleGoals
    69.7K 2.4K 28

    No one knows who is under the mask of Spider-Man , at least not yet. The awful kidnaping complicates everything. But now it's time to face the devastating world.Sure Peters depressed but maybe he finds a certain merc. ∞W༶A༶R༶N༶I༶N༶G༶∞ «Possible Triggers» ~A/U~ -not going by comic or movie logic most of the time- Ship...

  • Cure // Pietro Maximoff [1]
    150K 3.2K 16

    "Those that can heal can harm; those that can cure can kill." ~ Celia Rees >..< Cover by hazholland

  • The Huntress
    468K 17.1K 42

    "My dear, you are special, I can sense it." "W-what do you mean." A little girl said in an adorable 6 year old voice. "You will bring the difference to the war..." "W-war?" The old women's voice changed, it became raspy and her eyes glowed an eerie green, "One child, the unpure hunter, turns. With abilities and...

  • The Shy Girl Has a Gun
    43.1M 1.1M 49

    Faith Mitchell was never confident. She was happy to blend into the background, much to the protest of her friends. At 16, her life was a normal teenage cliche. She was in love with Jace, the obnoxious player who she couldn't have, and her biggest worry was whether or not he would finally come to his senses and see th...

  • Indomitable
    2.8M 118K 63

    In a city overrun by the corrupt and crazy, driven by greed, lust, and desire, Remi Goldridge's sweet nature and strong moral compass are strange and unheard of. Beasts of nightmares roam free here, taking and doing whatever they please. When Remi's father buys her one of the most dangerous creatures in the world as...

  • Beast King
    61.6K 2.3K 6

    Three goddess sisters head to earth to attend one of their uncles parties. This series of stories is about the three sisters. Book1 Beast King Book 2 werewolf King Book 3 vampire King Book one... Layla is the youngest of the sister and is the goddess of happiness and innocence. Layla is 21. She is always smiling and l...