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  • Alyssa's Second Chance [Completed]
    32K 7.4K 44

    Alyssa LeClerc seemed to have a perfect life. She was married to her college sweetheart and quickly started a family. She has always been driven to succeed. For the young mother that meant balancing the needs of her children with her promising career. When Alyssa thinks that she finally has her life all figured ou...

  • The Aging of Fine Wine || ✔
    677 331 30

    - first poetry collection - accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. all wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle. -Paulo Coelho - first poetry collection - a poetry book filled of tales of heartbreak, self-love, and everything in between. p...

  • The God's Energy [ A SCIENCE THRILLER ]
    2.5K 438 40

    What will you do when you find yourself in the possession of the God's energy? Will you protect the world or rule it? Will you know the God or be the God? "The intimacy of science, faith and logic is what unveils the true power of THE GOD'S ENERGY. " A SCIENCE FICTION FROM THE AUTHOR OF #1 SCIENCE THRILLER ⚡ GRAVITY...

  • Banshee Beneath
    53 16 4

    When you think about the deep ocean, one thing will definitely come to your mind: Darkness. A lot of darkness. And hidden behind this darkness are mysteries that we may never uncover. Or will we find a way? Or someone already did?

  • Warrior of the Stars- Book one of the Jay Shang Chronicles
    2.4K 562 22

    "Eventually, they formed their own great race of people, formed from citizens of many different countries. All of them, identifying as Kimanche - Chosen of the Gods..." Jay Shang has always been a foreigner among his people, an oddity whispered about behind closed doors. He loved his family and had his entire life pl...

  • An Important Phase
    153 10 2

    Some rhythmic phrases giving glimpse over some of the empathizing yet important moments of each's life...

  • His Second My First
    95 48 4

    When the ever-so-popular Axel Tanner accidentally knocked down her best friend's stack of neatly organized books, merely picking it up from the floor and placing it on her desk, the easily-infatuated Nova Price found herself instantly falling for him after seeing how he was not as much of a jerk as she initially thoug...

  • Ocean Child
    86 19 4

    when Serena Blu returns from boarding school for the summer she re-connects with her old family friend, Braden Williams. Serena is a go-ho surfer and lives with the ocean. Braden is that cliche life gaurd, all american boy. Serena is also hiding something from everyone, including braden. Cover @ingeniuswriter

    12.7K 1.2K 170

    Highest rank #7 Mystery/Thriller #6 in what's hot section #3 in What's new A boy named Alex, feels a strange thing. It was a loud noise coming from his backyard of the house. It was much high, loud, exasperated, infuriated, silly, weird and creepy noise. It was similar to as an airplane was crashing. When he w...

  • imaginary / muke a.u | c.
    700 36 12

    || In which Luke falls for the patient he can't have. ||

  • Deprivation- The Feast and the Famine
    81K 7.4K 39

    On waking up to find a dismembered arm protruding from the floor, Claudia knows her privileged life is over. Claudia cannot recall how she came to this pass. She does know she is never getting out. It is all because she is guilty of falling in love, which is a sin no proper Victorian girl would commit. She knew whe...

    135K 5.6K 57

    Science fiction #1 Highest Rank #1 in science fiction...;) What's hot- rank #1 in Science Fiction Featured on Science Fiction Reading list at @IndiaCentral ___________ What will happen when there will be no gravity? Will we die or survive? If yes, then how? And for how long? When things appear normal on the Earth, th...

  • And so, the lion fell in love with the lamb..
    4.5K 960 9

    Fiona lawrence, daughter of, Russia's one of the billionaire and most influential person. Every thing about her screams perfect. Perfect family, affectionate friends, good looks, talented and soft natured. Dexter samuels, the bad boy. Every thing about him hints dangerous and mysterious,. What happens,when universe de...

  • It's Called Crank...
    66 9 4

    It's Called Crank... A comedic short on the high seas.

  • The Impossibles | Inhumanity at it's finest
    540 39 20

    After years of hiding, heroes unite to once again fight for mankind and the planet they call home Follow Nathan and The Impossibles as they discovers the power that's within them and battle the Revenant and his forces Follow Jerry along with the Unstoppables as he recalls the tales of heroes past, and the cause of the...