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  • spinning webs
    59 9 7

    "Still, you shouldn't do that," A voice chirped from beside him, and Warren sighed. "It's not good for you." "Yeah," Warren sighed, running the hand not holding a half-burned cigarette through his nearly-white blond hair. "You're not wrong..." Silvery grey eyes met golden-brown, and another sigh passed through cracked...

  • When The Sun Rises
    504 121 5

    'She reminded me of the Northern lights - bizarre but beautiful, mystical but hypnotizing...' Amidst the woods and under a dark starry sky meet two complete strangers who at first glance radiate hate vibes for each other but soon find their opinions changing as they head out on the road to unearth what awaits them at...

  • The 3 Rings
    270 82 24

    This is a story about 2 princesses learning about the family secret, the '3 rings.' They must travel to many different places in search of these secret rings. Arianna and her adopted sister Winter know the location of 2 of the rings; who knows the location of the other? What happens when you put these 3 rings together...

  • The Danger of Living In Stories
    14 1 1

    A reflection on a life lived in stories.

  • That One Book
    14 2 1

    Melanie Houston is just an ordinary girl. Well, an ordinary ghost girl. She should be 26. She's only 7. And has been for many years. Sticking with her other ghost friends Brandon and Jessie, she does nothing but explore and bother people. "Why are we doing this again, Mel?" "What's the fun in being a ghost if you don...

  • Ember
    175 34 1

    [c o m p l e t e d] A girl, a fire, and one dark secret...

  • The Curious Mind of Kirianna Blu
    340 69 6

    When school gets off for break, Aryan Taylor expects to have a nice, relaxing vacation but his mother, however, has different plans. She spontaneously invites a girl to stay for the whole length of summer, a girl whom Aryan quickly realizes isn't just your average teenager. Kirianna although peculiar by herself, is a...

  • God's Forsaken
    2.5K 434 41

    Michel Anglo, an angel, just needed to complete a job before he could go home. Go to the harbor undercover and kill the port master. If only it was that simple. What was supposed to be a short trip would soon turn into a mad quest of hunting down a forsaken god and it all started when he got captured by a huntress on...

  • Ink Me Insane (Book One)
    90.7K 5.5K 41

    For Rene Sparks, it all began with some ink and a knife. Two dragons, one black, the other one white, appeared from nowhere to adorn her arms when she was only eleven. Their sudden appearance and permanent stains of "imperfection" sent her teetering mother over a cliff of madness to the point where she tried to cut...

  • It Started With A Heist
    273K 8.5K 31

    He's the law. She breaks it. Emma Lawrence is not your typical girl. She is a professional thief and a con artist. So, what will happen when she meets Jake Parker, a promising FBI agent. Will he be the end of her or everything she ever wanted? After all, everything started with a heist.

  • The Song of Burning Souls (COMPLETE)
    1.7K 241 38

    The song haunted Andrew's dreams. Then he found the singer: Lithe-a girl made of flame who lives in the vents of his apartment building. Slowly, she shows him the fire world, a brilliant place where there are no lonely winters. But these glimpses are as dangerous as they are tantalizing. Soon, Andrew can't stop cravin...

  • Yesterday's Prince
    68.4K 4.5K 41

    What would you do if your body and your kingdom were stolen? [A FEATURED STORY] Uther is a young prince who's reluctantly thrust into having to defend his throne against his usurping uncle and all-around powerful wizard, who uses his powers to steal the one thing Uther thought he couldn't take: his own body. After...

  • Princess Sebastian
    97 7 1

    She is pretty. She is elegant. And she is everything a princess ought to be. If only she didn't have the awful name her parents had given her. Princess Sebastian must fight past the mythical mayhem of her world while trying to get past the struggle of having a boy's name. How can her kingdom ever perceive her to be...

  • Black Hearts
    984 82 6

    Years of abuse changed Grace. Made her cold. Protective. Untrusting. She pushed everyone away until she was left with a heart so black that it made an abyss look bright. Watching his father suffer changed Scott. Made him unforgiving. Restless. Even a little bit cynical. He shut everyone out until the darkness swallow...

  • A Deal Signed For Life #YourStoryIndia
    11.1K 336 23

    Karan Venkatraman is handsome, rich and friendly. He is HER husband. He is sweet and sour, cool and hot, fun and crazy all at short, he is the best hubby she could've hoped for and she can just not imagine a life without him. But, they MUST be divorced after a year... ALL because of the stupid deal... if on...