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    Weekly interviews of 1D Fanfic Authors. (Authors interviews) (©The1DCommunity) (Cover by: @numberfiveeee)

  • One Direction - Best Fanfics #2
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    Second list of One Direction Fanfictions that I've reviewed. PUBLISHED: December 14th, 2016 COMPLETED: May 27th, 2017 HIGHEST RANKING: 375 ON COVER: One Direction COVER BY: @reviewsbylou

  • One Direction - Best Fanfics
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    A list of One Direction Fanfiction that I've reviewed. PUBLISHED: August 21st, 2014 COMPLETED: December 14th, 2016 HIGHEST RANKING: 542 ON COVER: One Direction COVER BY: @reviewsbylou Disclaimer: My Opinions of different fanfictions may have changed. I will not be editing this, nor removing it.

  • A Talk with the Author
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    Just a little chat with some of the amazing authors on Wattpad

  • (More) Fanfic Reviews
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    Fanfic Reviews part 2 I am also open to reading non-fanfiction!

  • ✍ Home Sweet Home: A homely place for Author Interviews, reviews &Write up'✍
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    Welcome to my humble abode. Ever wondered about what went on behind the scenes of your favorite wattpad book? Why did that -insert author name- did this to such a sweet, charming , funny character ? Or do authors really have tea with the devil when they kill off that *gasps* character? Well, you are at the right plac...