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  • Be My Bad Boy (BWWM)
    95.8K 6K 61

    Be My Bad Boy Be My Man, Be My weekend lover( ha just kidding) but don't be my friend. (seriously, don't be my friend) Rosemary has a plan but she needs a bad boy for it. She can't let anyone ruin her plan, not even the bad boy himself. But what is the reason That Rosemary a young billionaire who is antisocial and an...

  • Loving The Abduction (BWWM)
    324K 21.5K 88

    "Why are you doing this?!!! what do you want from me! I've done nothing wrong. I just want to go home!" I screamed. He stared at me with his cold eyes and started laughing. I felt angry, he was mocking me. "you're so clueless, someone wants you gone. by gone I mean dead. they hired me to make that happened. so I sugg...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Subway
    4.8M 214K 39

    She hated riding the subway. It was cramped, smelled, and the seats were extremely uncomfortable to sit on for hours on end. Now add a group of crazy weapon wielding maniacs to the ever growing list of reasons why Gemma hated riding the subway. Gemma Conners is an eighteen year old senior and for the past two years s...

  • Rogue Alpha (BWWM)
    297K 14.4K 24

    With no pack or home Lisa was a rogue on the run. Just wanting to take a break and enjoy the scenery gets someone's attention. An alphas attention. More than one alpha. Between the two men who seem to want to stake a claim will she choose love or will she run?

    Completed   Mature
  • Undeniable Attraction (Rewritten)
    328K 4.9K 20

    Mia Patterson Daughter an Alpha, and only child. She had almost everything she ever wanted, except one major thing she dreamed of since she was just a child. Her mate As soon as she became of the mature age of 18 to take over her position as Alpha and still found herself mateless she went mad. So like a madwoman, s...

  • Taken By The Beasts
    392K 10.8K 25

    I'm probably drooling by now and should look away but my traitor body had no such plans. She wanted to look at the delicious specimen of pure male sex gods so close but so far in front of her. Sigh... Let me tell you a bit about myself since I'm gonna die a virgin, while lusting over these men. I'm Dominique Amazon...

  • The Mafia's Lover
    121K 3.9K 25

    Alannah Thomas has always been alone with her brother, Zander Thomas. Both alone in the world, Zander had no choice but to join a gang in order to protect his little sister. One morning, Alannah wakes up to find a strange family in her living room with Zander. What happens when bad ass Alannah meets Mafia Leader, Xa...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stranger
    169K 4.6K 19

    She didn't know that her life will change after that night , she thought that she could get away , but she never knew if she can . °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° " Let me leave !! " Lily screamed banging on the wooden front door . " And I said fucking NO !! " Nikolae shouted grabbing her arm and pulling her back against his bo...

  • Taming Honey
    902K 31.7K 25

    Sometimes life plans can go wrong. Change at the blink of an eye. At least it has for HoneyDew Rose. HoneyDew had always wanted the kind of love that her parents had. The everlasting kind. But never figured that she would find it with three Cowboys. HoneyDew moves from country to country never really knowing what she...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Forbidden Fruit - SAMPLE
    1.2M 11.3K 8

    Highest ranking: #1 in Vampire. "You wanna know why?" I chuckled darkly, cruelly enjoying the way her eyes grew large in fear. "It's because I am a blood thirsty vampire who craves to drain you of your sweet blood." Dimitri Romero has it all. An internationally successful business, the everlasting curse of being a vam...

  • Demons within Me: Book 1 ( The Incubus Slave )
    52.1K 921 8

    Do you believe in night entities such as night demons and vampires? Do you agree that succubi and incubi really exists. Do you experience sexual dreams and night terrors? I'm Diana, a 17 years old student. An incubus demon fell in love with me. I was trapped within a sucubus demon at the same time. I believed that dem...

  • Double Incubus Seduction
    401K 9.2K 23

    Hot. My skin was ablaze my every cell was tingling in anticipation of something I didn't even understand my sheets were sticking to my body and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't seem to get myself to move. I used all of my strength to force my eyes open my room was just as it had been when I had gone to bed my vis...

  • Lust of a Wolf
    190K 3.1K 4

    Eva Torres is a dance teacher who has never had any luck in love. At the age of 25 years old, she has dated the odd man here or there but she had yet to find the one that would set her body and mind on fire. She refused to settle for anything less. She wanted a man that would love her hard, fiercely and uncondition...

    Completed   Mature
  • The alphas submissive(BDSM)
    380K 7.3K 34

    (ON HOLD) ********** "See princess, I always get what I want" he said as his hot minty breath fanned my face, making me wetter by he minute. "well t-things aren't gonna go y-your way anymore" I spat back trying to sound like he didn't make my knees weak. damn it Claire get it together! ********** Claire was...

  • Mine
    182K 4.1K 10

    "You want me, I know you do," Vain smirked at me while grabbing my wrist and pulling me closer towards him. As his warm body pressed against mine, my body managed to hold back a shiver. My breath had quickened rapidly. "I-I, I don't know what you're talking about," I had the audacity to say. He chuckled, looked strai...

  • New experiences (BDSM)
    770K 8.8K 34

    Who would of thought that a broken down car would lead me to a whole new life. The only building that was in sight was down the road a bit and as I got closer the noise got loader. Only it wasn't the music that I heard it was the moans that stood out more than anything. I was afraid of what was behind the doors but...

  • Sex and falling in love with your teacher
    148K 1.1K 7

    ****WARNING****SEX**** ***SEX***sex***sex** This story has some graphic and sizzling sex scenes so if this isn't for you please don't read it!! This story is about a young college girl who is hurt by almost anyone and everyone she trusts and finds herself in love with her teacher!! Her faithful friend Sam is there for...

  • Her New Step B(r)other
    12.7K 415 2

    Catalina Arias is 22 yrs old and just graduated from College to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She's to start her new career at the end of summer after her mom's wedding in Bora Bora to her Billionaire fiancee Frederick Hamilton, who owns a multitude of lavish Resorts all over the world. Her life goals are goi...

  • The Lone Wolf (Wolf Series #1)
    496K 16.3K 36

    Bred as a fighter and bred to lead. All she wanted was one thing she is denied because she has no mate. She is left with two choices... Leave or stay to be heart broken Book 1

    Completed   Mature
  • The Slut and The Golden Boy [ROUGHLY EDITED. WAS WRITTEN 3-4 YEARS AGO. BY TESS]
    300K 7.1K 42

    Supernaturals. Erotica. Drama. [ROUGHLY EDITED]

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha Roman™(BWWM)
    383K 16.4K 27

    This is my first werewolf story, and I hope you enjoy! Alexa needs a job and fast, she applies for a job to become a personal assistant and she's...human? Roman Reigns is the boss at Reigns corporations and is in need of a personal assistant. Here's the problem, he's a Lycan and has been waiting for his mate, but not...

  • Take My Hand
    532K 6.5K 23

    How wise could it possibly be to help a stranger you find bleeding in an alleyway at two in the morning? This alone could have life altering consequences that may not be beneficial to your immediate health. But when that man informs you that he is not even human, what are you supposed to believe? Is he a psychopath? O...

    Completed   Mature