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  • Man That I Fear (maniggy)
    18.6K 934 18

    Jeordie always found it hard to fit in. After seeing a dark and mysterious guy named Brian, he doesn't know how to feel about him. He feels like they could be friends, but will they end up as something more?

  • Oh The Horror!(Twiggy Ramirez ft Marilyn Manson)
    4.5K 156 15

    Bianca moves to sunny Fort Lauderdale, but when she meets Jeordie White, will they bare the same feelings for each other or will non stop partying and sudden differences in lifestyle affect the way they see each other? How will she deal with Marilyn Manson's influence and will she and Twiggy stay together at all?

  • Dreads (Twiggy Ramirez Fan Fic)
    14.9K 583 30

    IT'S ALL ABOUT SCABS, GUNS, AND PEANUT BUTTER. Very bad writing but it was just a mindless 13/14 year old writing it. So. Deal.

  • The Freak in the Pea Green Dress ~Twiggy Ramirez Love Story
    12.5K 337 12

    One kiss can change fate. It can create love or start wars...a kiss between two strangers can create a whole future neither one of them had ever dreamed possible...and now, it's Twiggy's turn. ~This story is for TilskKarishma {No offense is meant by the title}