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  • Winter [Harry Styles AU]
    1.7M 50.9K 26

    Winters in London are cold. Harry drinks tea to keep warm. Lena doesn't like that. She's much more of a coffee person, really.

  • Inside Those Eyes
    2K 407 25

    "A fire starts to burn inside my heart, but this one is new and painful with a lingering sting. Then it starts to blaze up until it has consumed my being and my brain finally starts to catch on to this new sensation. It's fury, and it's aching for revenge." April Smith is not sure who she is. Her life has always been...

  • Doctor Who- Show Me The Stars
    95 5 1

    Rose Tyler always thought the doctor would come back for her and she hasn't seen him for almost a year. Until one day the parallel universe Rose is in has a rip in time and space from her computer setting off an electrical wave, which causes the Daleks to come and invade her universe. Then the doctors Tardis is also t...

  • but i must admit
    28.9K 2.3K 5

    “but i must admit i miss you quite terribly. the world is too quiet without you nearby. i go to bed early and rise late and feel as if i have hardly slept at all.”

  • SUITS [n.h]
    203K 5.3K 28

    Country girl Jenna has lived her entire life in the rural areas of Tennessee, so when she moves to the big city, her only job is a dead-end receptionist at a run-down law firm, not exactly her ideal career choice but It paid the bills and got food on her table, she was in no place to complain. Her drastic life change...