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  • Etiquette
    609 10 5

    Etiquette it`s a set of rules of how to treat people which are established from the commom sense and good taste. Diferently from what many people think, those set of rules are not only for some social classes, any person can and should learn them and make them a tool they can use on their favor. It`s importante to con...

  • Pathless Origin: Bane Of The Gods #featured
    43.3K 2.5K 19

    After a failed suicide, 16 year old Artillian Skye wakes up as an armoured soldier. With only a spear in hand, he is thrust in the middle of a battlefield with thousands of soldiers. Somehow he had entered the Gaia domain. A place were spirits, demons and demi gods run rampant in their quests for power. Artillian lear...

  • Solitary Sword Sovereign
    516K 27.1K 153

    One day, every human on earth was given a class and gained abilities. People gained levels and stats; like strength and agility. Will Chamberlain; a 16-year-old, was given the class Water Meister. He had the ability to freely control water. An ability that had more than meets the eye. At the same time, mysterious stru...

  • The Neko Necromancer
    564 21 9

    She was a popular girl in high school. but why should it matter now... shes dying and it was only due to her carelessness about yanderes. yes she was killed out of jealousy, what does one simple wish granted do to this girl. I dont own the cover picture. I'm not sure if there are lots of books like this but I havent f...

  • Undefined - The Zephyr Book 1 ? (completed)(#Wattys2016)
    1.5M 90K 44

    WATTYS 2016 WINNER Untouchable. Stone. Jewel - these are some of the names used for people who are born with a gemstone at the centre of their forehead. This unfortunate phenomenon cannot be detected before birth, it cannot be prevented, if a family has a Jewelled child, there is only one outcome: Before they're sixte...

  • The Academy ((EDITING))
    2.7M 148K 120

    Of course, this story began with a dark secret. They all knew that when they first set foot in the Academy. Eri, shy, gentle, and passionate about magic. Lila, rebellious and kind. Marcus, determined and wise. As they hone their skills in magic, perhaps they will discover more than what they thought they would... High...

  • The Tricksters Way Book 1: The Mortal Universe
    508K 25.5K 109

    In a world where at the age of 10, children are taken to Power Hall to be tested on whether they have Mana. There are 15 known powers: Strength, Speed, Stealth (Darkness), Combat, Marksman, Weapons, Alchemists (Nature), Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Light, Time, Space, Death. But there is the Forgotten Power, The one rarel...

  • Escaping my Fate
    687 36 14

    The legendary tale of Thorn, the God of Balance, and how he changed from a thieving orphan to the controller of life and death for all beings. A tale, so gruesome and full of plot-holes, recorded by me, Thorn, as I lay dying, and record my very being into this journal, as blood drips onto these simple mortal papers, l...

  • Compel (Rae Wilder #2)
    148K 2.7K 11

    Book Two: Rae is falling into darkness. Grieving the death of her friend at the hand of dark magics, she is full of hate and vengeance. Tracking Devlin and his followers across demon territory, she is forced to turn to the local shifter pack for help. Tricked into rescuing the Pack Alpha’s daughters from the Temple, s...

  • Glamour (Rae Wilder #1)
    1.3M 7K 10

    Book One: Rae Wilder has problems. Supernatural creatures swarm earth, and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Stalked by a handsome fairy who claims she is like him, demonkind, she thinks maybe it was a mistake breaking the rules by going over the Wall into demon territory. Plunged into a world of dark magics, fi...

  • Deceptions (Evie Cortez Book 1)
    373K 4.3K 25

    Book 2 is posted titled: Anticipations. What is Evie? Well they call her a vampire and then later a witch but what about when she shifts into a wolf? What power has she been hiding all this time? When she is asked to help the alpha she's forced to answer those questions. Full sum inside. Apart of Celestin City series.

  • Enter The Sandman 2: Karmatic Recreation
    39.6K 568 100

    The world has fallen, yet the new world has risen. After the Academy's downfall, the boss has almost completed her plans in making the world fully 'peaceful.' Kiruh Black, now older and more mature, will need to take new steps in order to stop her. His mind has been changed... he no longer thinks the way he used to.

  • Enter The Sandman
    88K 1K 87

    Kiruh Black, a young teenage male with a gifted heart has but one inspiring goal, that is to become the greatest elemental user of all time. Elemental users are those with the special abilities to control and wield elemental powers such as fire and water. However there are those who cannot stand the ones who wield s...

  • My Burning Soul
    11.5K 173 31

    No one knows what going to happen in the future.No one.Neither you nor the people around.One minute you are happy and living your life to the fullest and in the next,your life takes a 360 degree turn .You don't even know when you are going to die.Its all a mystery which none of you can solve.And I,Julie Trevesco,in th...

  • The Elemental Dragons
    206K 5.5K 36

    In a world where Elemental Dragons used to rule the four kingdoms, the Black Dragons are now in control after the war against each other. Elementals are now considered extinct and the minor dragons live in fear of the Black Dragons. However, no one knows of sixteen-year old Alyson's existence. She is the only Water Dr...

  • Magic Weaver
    59.1K 1K 39

    Cedric is the servant of the much hated king, whose popularity is slipping fast while the country seems on the verge of revolution. However, when Cedric breaks one of the most sacred rules in the castle and discovers that the king and those behind the king are much more powerful than anyone could have imagined, Cedric...

  • Fanning the Flames
    381K 9.9K 35

    We all live in the world of magic and elements, but we don't know it. Fire, water, air, and earth used to rule the world, but a terrible war broke out. Each element wanted more territory and fought for it until they either died or got it. In the end, water, air, and earth teamed up to take over the fire's territory...

  • The Alliance (Completed)
    310K 5.5K 43

    The Safe House is a place that trains future Alliance members. There are chapters hidden in every city. "Just because you don't see evil, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist." The good guys are just good at what they do. For Trinity Sage she's not just good at what she does. You can almost say that she's born to kill...

  • Seven mates for seven brothers
    6.6M 97.6K 63

    The rogues have terrorised all the packs, killed as many female weres as they could in their quest to claim all the pack lands for themselves. During the past eight to ten years some packs have completely dissapeared while in a few, things where almost normal. In a unified force, the remaining weres banded together...

  • I'm Alpha & I'm A Girl! (On Hold!)
    767K 7K 44

    Well, Hailey is not an ordinary girl. She's the first girl Alpha from ever. Her mate is the enemy and she still has to deal with school. Who knows what will happen? A war or a merger but it will be a big!

  • Caught up in Flames
    19.7K 686 8

    ~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~|~| What if you’re not what you thought you were? What if you’re something totally and completely different? What if you’re something, that… something that you don’t even...

  • Heir To The Elements 1: Rise of the Heirs
    34.3K 407 23

    Vulcan is one of the "Heirs" the remnants of the Elementals, once a noble and powerful race of beings who could control the very elements themselves. However a war eons ago led to the destruction of all but one of each elemental tribe. These young Elementals emerged thousands of years later from their time in stasis t...

  • Into the Fire
    3K 67 19

    Since when did magic start existing? What out there was more corrupt than politics? How am I supposed to know how to deal with cocky princes, let alone lead strangers into battle? I was a farm girl. Who was I to think that I would ever change the world?

  • Playing with Fire
    19.7K 328 21

    Reiara Minn isn't like most girls. In fact, she's probably the opposite of most girls. In her world, women are treated like objects. Fortunately for her, Reiara is one of ten Dragon Masters, and the only female to ever have been born with the trademark tattoo. Life as a Dragon Master is good, great even, until one of...

  • Angel Academy
    2M 30.1K 26

    Emma Rose is happy with her normal life. Until two hot older guys kidnap her!! Shes taken to a school called Angel Academy, where she is told she has the ability to control an element, just like everyone else at the school. Can she survive this crazy school, where gym teachers shoot fire at her and she has to pass sur...

  • Nyx elemental, boarding school
    22.3K 566 9

    Sapphire Lynnette is special and she doesn't even know it. She's a freshmen about to go to boarding school for students who can control different elements Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and spirit. Along with her best friend Anu. Unlike her best friend, Sapphire has yet to discover her power. But with the help of her frie...

  • Starr Academy: Year Three
    500K 11.6K 35

    It's Hope's final year in Starr Academy. What does this year bring the newly single magical girl? If the first day of school would tell, her past will come back to bite her in the rear and without her counterpart there to help her. This year, the school has been turned upside down with the addition of several studen...

  • The School for the Gifted (Book One and Two)
    9.6M 142K 78

    Giselle isn't your average teenage girl. Besides the fact that she's hot headed and argumentative she also can control fire. When she's captured and taken to a special school by the name of Gifted Academy, Giselle Riley doesn't know what to expect. All she knows is that the last thing she wants is to be among people...

  • Born Of Fire
    3.2M 38.3K 65

    Phoenix is a young Fire Elemental from a city in the fire country called Yaag. He has the altogether unheard of ability to receive fallen Elementals powers for a short time, as long as he is in close proximity to them at the time of their death. A bone chilling prophecy will turn him into a seemingly power hungry vill...

  • Water Goddess
    341K 7K 33

    When Kailani turns 16 she is quickly thrust into the world of gods, goddesses, demi-gods, and guardians. Kailani is powerful and as the only daughter of Poseidon she is valuable. The teenager soon learns the gods are on the verge of a power struggle. Alliances quickly form and enemies are all around. Kailani doesn't w...