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  • Wedding Planner | Harry Styles
    167K 5K 34

    She's planning her ex-boyfriend's wedding. [WARNING: i wrote this when i was 13. read at your own risk.]

  • Him.
    6.5K 198 52

    Love is a powerful thing, and when used for evil, it can destroy everything, and everyone, in its wake. But if that feeling of love suddenly turns to something indescribable, would you let yourself fall, not knowing what lies at the bottom? Or would you live on the sidelines, watching everyone else bask in what you co...

    Completed   Mature
  • Always In Our Hearts Zayn Malik
    21.7K 1.3K 303

    Dated 26th March 2015 Currently am not able to write anything.. I'm writing this book after hearing Zayn is leaving the band In this book I let my heart out Remembering my Zayn.... Dedication book to my hero Zayn Malik #AlwaysInOurHeartsZaynMalik :-)

  • One Direction Lyrics
    10.4K 264 71

  • Directioners Crazy Mofo Book
    3.4M 142K 213

    This book is filled with One Direction facts, jokes, directioner problems, imagines, how directioners are different from other fandoms, tips for new directioners, things I find hilarious, and many more! And a bunch of stuff you directioners will enjoy! This is a MUST HAVE for all directioners!!!:) and if you're a new...

  • One direction Funnies
    336K 21.5K 34

    Funny one direction jokes that only directioners get have fun LOL!

  • Crap Only Directioners Will Get
    1.3M 91K 100

    This is a book that will be filled with stuff that you will only get if you're a directioner. It will have inside jokes, goofy imagines, struggles of being a directioner, and anything else that is funny involving 1D that we can think of. Hopefully it'll make you laugh, and make liquid shoot out of some sort of opening...

  • Becoming a Directioner: Everything You Need to Know
    105K 730 4

    Facts & Info for new directioners! Everything you need to know about 1D :)

    67.4K 3.5K 74

    ONLY FOR DIRECTIONERS directionators and carrots can go bye bye! CREATED: Jan 2014 COMPLETED: Aug 2016

  • The Directioner Guide
    432K 19K 103

    This book is a must read for directioners! Inside is full of stuff we as directioners do and stuff about our beautiful boys! If you are a directioner this book is a must have on your reading list! Go ahead and press read! U won't regret it!

  • Five Spies: One Direction
    675K 14.5K 50

    One Direction. You know the name, you know the boys. Now experience One Direction like never before. What happens when the only people who can help stop the world from crumbling to pieces is a popular boyband? Watch as the boys get recruited as agents for a top secret agency, go through gruelling training sessions in...

  • Holding On (A Harry Styles Love Story)
    4.2M 79.5K 50

    I've never understood love. I don't understand how you can have such strong feelings for one person. I don't understand how, even when they've hurt you so badly, if they're in jeopardy you can forget about anything they ever did to you. I don't understand how they can play such a huge role in your life. When I was 17...