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  • My Damaged Hero (Daryl Dixon Fanfiction//love story)
    2.9K 118 11

    Chase is a girl suviving in a zombie apocalypse, no help, no friends she is willing to end it all and just go into the light but one person stops her....... Daryl Dixon is he the love of her life or the end of her life read and find out more btw this contains strong language and sex

  • Burn Burn [Daryl Dixon]
    94.2K 3.5K 42

    Alice Manson is a twenty-six year old woman addicted to heroin, cigarettes, alcohol and deadbeat men. When she finds her boyfriend of twelve years dead, she burns her house to the ground with his body within. She seeks out the only people in the world who know how to take care of her; Merle and Daryl Dixon. *This is a...

  • Bite Me .:Daryl Dixon Love Story:.
    515K 13.3K 29

    Kat and her five year old, Hailey, wake up to find that the world has ended. All alone. Thanks to Hailey's father for teaching Kat how to survive, they have been able to survive this long without a group. But how long can you go without anyone to watch your back? Will they find a group and finally get a somewhat decen...

  • Guardian Angel (Daryl Dixon)
    17.9K 326 42

    Sometimes when you fall in love, you don't even believe it yourself. Sometimes you believe that you aren't capable, that you are not able to show affection or even love to someone else. Sarah thought that. After the death of her family, she fell apart. The idea of being in love scares her despite her inner strength an...

  • Adapting (A Daryl Dixon/ The Walking Dead Fanfiction)
    410K 12.2K 77

    I am forced to live against my will, with people I barely know. Everything that I've ever loved has been taken away from me, leaving me to survive with a group of strangers. All I want is a reason to live, and maybe he will be my reason. Gemma Jenner is the daughter of Dr Edwin Jenner of the CDC, who is attempting to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stolen Childhood
    1K 25 6

    There is always that one kid who is silent, doesn't talk much. The sit in the back of the room, don't bother me kind of kid...right? But do you know why they are the way they are? How they got to that point in their lives? With most kids it all starts at home, and that's exactly the case in Daryl Dixon's life. This bo...

  • Unattainable (A Daryl Dixon love story)
    35.3K 991 34

    In the apocalypse nothing can be certain; it's a world where shelter, safety, and even love are unattainable. *My story doesn't follow all of the events in the Walking Dead, but it does follow some of them*

  • The names Daryl Dixon, not The Archer.
    187K 3.3K 31

    When Zoe Cligg loses her brother Jesse and is saved by Rick and Daryl, will they escape terminus? Will they all leave alive or will someone be lost in the process? Will Daryl become a completely different person for Zoe, or will he still be the stubborn, awkward person that he is?

  • Chayse Them Away (Daryl Dixon)
    1.4K 37 9

    Chayse had always been with the group. But what happens when she falls down some stairs, hits her head, and forgets everything? Will she ever remember the man she once loved? Will she ever be able to be the same? Or will her fall change her forever? *I do not own any characters except for Chayse* *This is a story base...

  • Georgian Redneck
    15.5K 583 45

    A mysterious infection spreads throughout the nation like wildfire. Society crumbles like a cookie. All of a sudden, there's no government, no military, no nothing. Only a few have survived this ravenous disease. Diana wonders through the world of the dead alone until she discoveres a group which gladly invites her t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daryl Dixon Fanfiction
    79 0 1

    My life was changed just like any other in the Apocolypse, although i had a determined redneck at my side. *descriptive*

  • Dixon's Sister ((Daryl Dixon / Carl Grimes))
    338K 9.3K 24

    Minx had run away from home at the age of seven when her father finally snaps and kills one of the few people that were close to her. After making a promise, she runs away from home in hopes of a better life without an abusive dad, but that meant leaving her two brothers behind. When Minx reached the age of ten, the s...

  • Chaos for the Fly [The Walking Dead Fanfiction]
    91K 2.1K 12

    *Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic The Walking Dead reading list. Daryl and Alice shared a small history together. As children he made a promise to protect her, but never made good on that promise. He lived with that guilt as she lived with the disappointment. Neither one of them expected to be brought back to...

  • Daryl Dixon Imagines
    27K 300 17

  • That Redneck (Daryl Dixon love story from The walking dead/TWD)
    5.3M 136K 128

    One infection causes the society to crumble like a cookie. No military, no economy, no leaders, nothing. No one is coming to save you, no one is there to help. Everyday is a struggle for Mariah Beckon, her adopted brother and sister not making it any easier. When the trio cross paths with a group from Atlanta, she m...

  • Can I trust you? (A Daryl Dixon Love Story)
    13.9K 631 5

    Part Two Of That Dixon Boy:)

  • In This Life
    27.4K 933 32

    *A DARYL DIXON LOVE STORY* People have secrets. Some darker than others. What would you do if you held a secret that may have started the apocalypse itself? But, what would you do if you held a secret that may be able to end it? Anderson, or Andy, alone since the outbreak of a disease that has caused the dead to ris...

  • Walking Bait (Daryl Dixon Love Story)
    2.2K 78 13

    Hey guys this is my first 'The walking dead' fan fiction! Just letting you know I only own the characters Alex and Jake (and whatever other characters I desire to create). If you haven't seen the walking dead, watch the series before you read this because it will hold and spoilers. It's been a couple off weeks si...

  • Infected \\ Daryl Dixon
    5K 206 11

    "Nothing will matter when I'm dead" "That's why you stay alive" The Walking Dead.

  • My other half (Daryl Dixon)(the walking dead)
    167K 3.3K 29

    She rode as fast as she could, she looked like a a Ghost in the forest.she found them. "which one of you is Lori" i asked the one put her hand up. "i need you to come with me. Rick sent me your son Carl has been shot" fear crossed her face and she walked towards me. "wait Lori you can't trust er, we have no clue who s...

  • Arrowhead ➳ Daryl Dixon
    2.4M 82.4K 58

    The end of one world is only the beginning of a new one. [Daryl Dixon]

  • Worth it Every Time: a Daryl Dixon fanfic
    863 19 2

    Sarah and her family (Mom, Dad, little sister Sam and herself) all have been trying to get to the safety center during the outbreak. Along the way, they meet Daryl Dixon and she knows that they have met before. When Daryl makes a big mistake that changes everything, it is up to him to earn back Sarah's trust for both...

  • A Living Hell [Daryl Dixon]
    159K 2.6K 80

    Marci Daniels, adopted daughter of Shane Walsh never quite fit in anywhere . Her battle with life itself has been hard and the apocalypse has made her cold and hard for such a young girl .She will meet a man who doesn't really admit to feeling anything and who sees little in himself. The two most unlikely of people...

    Completed   Mature
  • Julianna ( Daryl Dixon )
    351 7 2

    A girl name Julianna and she is out on her own until she meets a redneck name Daryl Dixon (love story)

  • Breath of Life (A Daryl Dixon Love Story, The Walking Dead)
    1K 49 7

    She was happy a moment ago, and now she didn't know how long she had to live. Or if she was alive at all, and this was just some trick to make her believe she still had hope.  Why didn't he come to save her? Was it because they had fought? Did he even care? Did he even know how much she cared? Warning: co...

  • Daryl Dixon Imagines
    8.8K 124 2

    Daryl Dixon imagines REQUEST OPEN

  • Farmer's Daughter (Daryl Dixon Love Story)
    484K 14.3K 72

    "Why are you doing this?" I grab his arm before he storms out the house, but he just shakes me off and keeps walking. "Daryl!" I scream before he can step off the tiny porch. He turns abruptly and storms back over to me. "What?! What do ye want from me?!" He screams, the veins in his neck pop out as he breathes hard...

  • Running ( A Daryl Dixon Fan Fiction)
    294 9 2

    Running, fighting, and surviving is all Hazel and her son Kade know anymore. When it's getting harder and harder to keep her son safe and she feels she can't do it by herself anymore what happens when a mysterious man named Daryl Dixon saves them and takes them in? Will they find what they all need, or will they lose...

  • Love In All The Right Places -Zak Bagans Fic-
    891 43 3

    It's been five years since Alex Goodwin has been home or seen her older brother. Now, she's home for good and ready to catch up on lost time. -Full Summary Inside.-