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  • Life in Waves [under construction]
    1.7K 111 6

    Juliette Valentine has never been the kind of girl to take risks, especially when it involves her life. The one time she decides to take a leap of faith, there's actually someone there to catch her. And everything changes, all thanks to a lifeguard by the name of Leo Aurora who helps her see what life is like outside...

  • Haku | Spirited Away One-Shot | ✓
    1K 49 1

    After years of loving and waiting, Chihiro's wish finally comes true. ~ Welcome for all Spirited Away fans and readers of my other Spirited Away fanfiction entitled "Spirited Away 2: The Return of Chihiro"

  • Hearing Her Voice | One-Shot | ✓
    846 52 1

    Caleb Archer hasn't been the same person he once was ever since his father dropped everything and left. Now, he's left to help support his mother and little sister while dealing with the traumatic world of high school. What if you heard the voice of your soulmate just 24 hours before you had to meet them? Instead of R...

    Completed   Mature
  • Gone | ✓
    162 19 3

    A tragic story about two young lovers whose Destiny ends all too soon. Based on the lyrics of "Kiss It Better" by He is We ♡

  • Sawyer | ✓
    224 30 5

    A story told through text messages between best friends Marion Oliver and Sawyer Baker. Please read, rate, and comment(: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

  • Silent Moments | ✓
    229 32 5

    After the murder of his lover, Miles Hamilton is determined to find her killer and avenge her death. With the help of his colleague Monroe Blair, Miles struggles to uncovers the answers he's been trying to find for 5 long years. Please read, vote, and comment(:

  • Spirited Away 2: The Return of Chihiro | ✓
    98.3K 2.6K 36

    10 years after leaving the Spirit World, Chihiro longs to return to her Haku. 10 years after the first humans in decades arrive and leave, Haku longs for his Chihiro to return. Chihiro Ogino is now 20 years old and still remembers her accidental visit to the Spirit World ten years ago vividly, especially Haku. She's l...

    Completed   Mature
  • In the City of Love [revamping]
    18.4K 479 7

    In memory of Victoria ♡ - Tristessa Desmeaux longs for freedom. Cadmar Lowe searches for answers. Both of these things are hidden in the city of love, but it won't be easy. - old covers by @MarionettesMask and @solidarity_ summary help from the amazing @KaityElisa **Romance...

  • Meant to Be | ✓
    157 22 4

    Samson Grady has been in love with Margot Benneé for as long as they've known each other, and Samson thinks he has a chance. Until her old love Marcus Black comes back. A short story. Please read, rate, and comment please!(:

  • He Loves Me | ✓
    344 40 4

    Maya Lovelace and Riley Patterson have been best friends for as long as they can remember. In their Freshman year, Riley becomes a football player, and Maya starts to fall in love with him. But, will it all go according to plan? Will she get the love she's been desperately wanting with him for so very long? My third...

  • Knowing Dallas King | ✓
    523 40 6

    Sebastian Johnson has been best friends with a girl named Dallas King for over half their lives. And he's loved her ever since. But when tragedy strikes, Sebastian decides to release his feelings to her. Before it's too late. This is a short story. If you are reading, please rate, vote, and comment please!(:

  • Mine For Always | ✓
    231 15 4

    A short story I made for our school's literary magazine. *** "I will be yours forever, and you will be mine for always." Cassie Bly and Terrence Key knew they would love each other for the rest of their days, even when Death is knocking on their door.