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  • Please Me || Bruno Mars x Cardi B
    1.2K 65 1

    When a smooth singer and a boisterous rapper team up to create new music together, neither ever believed that things between the two of them would surpass a simple professional relationship, but sometimes opposites attract and sometimes business needs a little pleasure... With both fed up with their relationships the...

  • Dangerous Love
    887 34 10

    Malani loves Bruno so much but she knows to love him is dangerous. She knows how he gets when she doesn't listen, doesn't get his way, or he gets drunk. Will Malani try to help Bruno or leave???? Read to find out👀👀

  • Papa's Babymama.™ (Bruno Mars Series)
    3.9K 188 7

    Smooth brown sugar skin, rich luxurious clothing, and voluminous coils sitting at the crown of his head, His Filipino eyes were recongnizable and visible under his black shades. Chains shone around his neck, and he kept a couple of buttons undone down his shirt. His smile was something you couldn't help to admire, and...

  • Beautiful Mistakes (A Bruno Mars Fanfic)
    2K 14 2

    When life gives you a baby girl, you make a queen.

  • Lovers Scandel
    466 22 2

    Everyone knows the smooth, handsome Bruno Mars.... But what they don't know is his secret that is soon to come out. Bruno has been successful at keeping his private life private....but some secrets are about to change his life dramatically.

  • Vivid Dreams
    12.5K 669 24

    If you enjoyed Strangers Dot Com, you will enjoy this sequel. This fan fic includes another steamy storyline, featuring YOU, stimulate your mind, body, and well..dreams Scenarios are fictional

    Completed   Mature
  • One Fortunate Mistake [ Bruno Mars ]
    3.1K 174 7

    when 18 year old Daya went to Mars concert she never expected anything, one mistake turns her life upside down.

  • WANT
    10.5K 330 15

    Even though he knew she was the woman of his best friend, Bruno couldn't stop thinking of her. Until one day

  • Stardom (A Bruno Mars Love Story)
    4.3K 210 26

    It's hard keeping up with fame especially when you're just a average girl.

    Completed   Mature
  • Enough!
    859 53 6

    The perfect guy. The perfect life. The perfect everything. Until things take a big change and swerves ending the happy fairytale.

  • Call Me ||
    28.8K 1.1K 34


  • The Surrogate Mother *Bruno Mars FanFic*
    1.1K 50 2

    You may never know what you actually want until you lose it......

  • Amnesia (Completed)
    11.4K 1K 37

    Completed. Sequel: Memory Game

    Completed   Mature
  • August Alsina Imagines
    279K 9.6K 54

    Book 1 of August Alsina Imagines. ©bvsedrocky.

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Lawrence's Class *Phil Lawrence Fanfic*
    668 34 3

    Somethin different yea i know but i love me some Philip Lawrence and had to make a Fan fic about Bae!!!!

  • Best Days of Your Life (A Bruno Mars Fanfic)
    7.6K 306 20

    Have you ever loved someone so much that you're willing to sacrifice everything just to be with them? Family, friends, even your career... well that's what happens when Bruno meets Loganne, a 21 year old stripper going by the name Kristia Rose. Will the two be able to make things work, or will it all fall apart?

  • Touched By A Angel *Bruno Mars Fanfic*
    925 36 5

    When you love someone so much and you just don't want loose them no matter what the circumstances are....

  • killer On The Run
    15.7K 540 26

    katherine falls in love with Bruno, but after two years of a relationship together, she discover that bruno has been cheating on her for a month with this lady name maya. one year later she became a successful singer and so did Bruno. they see each other once again because they are neighbors, but does bruno fall...

  • Find Your Heart(bRUNO MARS FAN-FIC)
    10.1K 372 35

    Bruno is a rising star who dominates the world. What happens when Bruno falls in love with a sweet girl like Danielle. Will she be able to handle all the walkouts and long distances away from Bruno or will she be able to handle it. read and join Danielle and Bruno on their journey through love, pain and the sweeter m...

  • (Slow Updates) Proud of your boy
    3.5K 237 22

    Michael Jackson: He's a legendary artist that has had everything a person can dream of Fame, Fortune and Happiness. Peter Gene Jackson: He likes to go by the street name of Bruno Mars is his son, He has talent just like his father from the singing and dancing but the thing is he is completely opposite from his fathe...

  • Imagines || B.M.
    5.3K 179 10

    Just short stories of our mesmerizing king Bruno. Some sweet, some dirty, some sad and some crazy. I take request so if you want me to name you one just ask.

  • Reverie [Bruno Mars - Editing]
    57.1K 2.4K 27

    It all started when the charming, hit-making, million dollar status, Bruno Mars, entered a city bus. A city bus? Wait, what?

  • The Right Side of the Wrong Bed || Bruno Mars
    108K 4.2K 54

    Faye. Bruno. Just when things were falling right where they wanted them to be, a sip from the wrong wine ruined everything. What would you do if you lost five years of your life overnight because you have been drunk this whole time, and you wake up finding yourself on the wrong bed in the wrong house in the wrong situ...

  • Master || Bruno Mars x The Weeknd
    14.9K 646 24

    Bruno Mars is married to a young girl named Mia but things start going wrong and he results to cheating. On the first night of his sinful ways he meets a young woman who he falls in love with. But he can't express it because he's married. He acts like a total douche to her even though secretly he's in love. What will...

  • Him (Completed)
    4.3K 162 26

    Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes, that's all Vanessa Blue has. Bruno loved her and she loved Bruno, but that all changed at one night out to dinner. Why? You may ask. Because of Bruno's secret. What secret? Well you have to read to find out! ;) Hospitals, stabbings, shootings, fake love, real love, family, toddlers, real...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Secret seen....and a heart loved
    20.4K 764 48

  • Being With Bruno Mars
    1.9K 55 16

    This story's about a girl named Brianna who is in love with Bruno Mars but she has a dark past, it's really bad to the point she won't let anyone in. She has a gay best friend and his name is Luca, her cousin Amber and her other friend Stephanie. Brianna lives by herself and she is just trying to make it in this world.

  • If I Knew [Bruno Mars Fan Fiction]
    80.5K 2.6K 30

  • Dirty Diana. (Bruno Mars FanFic)
    2.7K 141 8

    "I'm all yours tonight..."--Those words spoken by one woman who knows what she wants. After being told she was nothing, she decided she wanted to have everything. Trying to prove her ex wrong she will do anything to get to the top. Even if that means being under a few men in the bed.... Actors: Bruno Mars, as himself...

  • sunlight {bruno mars fanfic}
    11.2K 451 16

    -while Kat struggles to come to terms with her ex-boyfriend, Bruno struggles to find the key to her heart-