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  • Partners In More Than Crime «Zouis AU»
    25.1K 1.7K 8

    Louis and Zayn have always been next door neighbors, since birth. They've always been best friends, and this is the story of how their friendship blossomed into something bigger than both of them. © Copyright: All Rights Reserved. Don't be thiefin' from me, kay?

  • Eternal Love - Zouis
    150K 4.9K 26

    I have to find my perfect other half. I'm a vampire. I like to drink human blood. What happens when my perfect other half is a human?

  • You Make Me Strong » Zouis AU
    2.8K 100 4

    most guys don't accept being gay, especially zayn malik and louis tomlinson. but when they each realize they have huge crushes on each other will they go through hardship to be together? © persecute [lowercase intended]

  • Gone [Zouis]
    22.6K 579 7

    "Please let me go, I won't tell." -Zayn Malik ~Based on the book, Girl Stolen~ Cover by LouisTwerksIt

  • The Project- A Zouis Fanfiction
    152K 2.9K 30

    **** Includes Lirry/Narry/Nosh**** Louis Tomlinson has never been popular. Zayn Malik is the school's most popular jock and bad boy. What happens when they are paired up to work together on the most important school project of the year? Will they fail, or will they work together in more ways than just one, including r...

  • Chasing The Sun
    37.3K 1.4K 28

    (THIS IS REALLY OLD IM JUST LEAVING IT UP CAUSE APPARENTLY THERE ARE PEOPLE STILL READIN THIS SHIT.) Louis Tomlinson is just a taxi driver. 200 dollars a day. A simple job. It's safe. It's comfortable. Zayn Malik is just trying to get away. Normal life is getting to him. Adventure is what he wants. Just to go away fr...

  • In My Head |Zouis|
    23.4K 938 11

    Fifteen year old Zayn Malik couldn't help himself for his own good. He was born a paranoid schizophrenic. It's not his fault what if he did something 'bad' he couldn't help it. His mind is being controlled by the hallucinations and illusions. They praise him for the 'bad' he does, and encourage him to continue on. So...

  • How to be a Heartbreaker (Zouis)
    26.7K 641 5

    Louis' life was heaven. He had THE everything. Personality, popularity, looks, skills. But Louis also has his downs. He, for an example, is a sucker for bad boys. Every shape, every size, he'll take it. Say the word and Louis is yours by the second. But of course he has rules. 1. Be bad. 2. Be hot. 3. Be mine. Lets pu...

  • Let Me Help You (Zouis)
    90K 3.5K 30

    Louis' wife has passed away and with his three kids, he's struggled with the passing. But will Louis let Zayn help him? The new stranger he only recently met? What will the three boys think about this?

    Completed   Mature
  • Being Louis (Zouis)
    95.7K 3.5K 45

    Louis thought his life couldn't get any more interesting..... Well, he thought wrong.

  • The Hybrid(One Direction-Zouis)
    267K 7.3K 28

    In this twisted, parallel world, leadership is taken by whoever has the most money and power. This person happens to be Louis Tomlinson, the leader of the largest gang mafia in the world. With having the connections and the money, people know not to mess with him or anyone from his group. Zayn Malik, a lowly cat hybr...