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  • Seven
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    she loves the number 7 because it's as odd as she is

  • Be Merry
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    Axel was the epitome of Ebeneezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve, but that was only perhaps because he was as lonely as Ebeneezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve.

  • Love... A Niall Horan Love Story
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    Dear diary, I don't really like the idea of writing to no one, but my therapist suggested it, so here I am. I'll just jump straight into it. I'm innocent. Plain and simple. I didn't do anything illegal, cause last time I checked, fighting with your brother is not illegal. I wish people would look at me normal again. E...

  • Letters From Liz
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    Liz meets Cody, a broken boy who is pining for his lost love, Peyton, whom Liz knew when Peyton was alive. Liz has to fight love against loyalty as she tried to remain sober in a world where alcohol rules. Cover by @surrealinfinities

  • Letters From Cody
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    Cody has just lost the love of his life, Peyton. He' s losing his mind without her, just like how she lost hers.

  • Letters from Peyton
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    Peyton has no family. Her parents died in a car crash, her grandparents died a while ago and she's an only child. She's been to at least fifteen funerals in her lifetime, for family but now she only has one more funeral to go to. Her own.

  • Years Ago
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    They were best friends that just happened to be dating, and when he left, she let him go, even told him not to come back, because she knew that singing would make him happier than anything else, even her. She wasn't counting on him breaking her rules.

  • me
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    the mindless minuscule mumblings of me