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  • Being a Salvatore
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    You've heard the story of the Salvatore brothers; Damon and Stefan but what you haven't heard is..... They have a younger sister, and she.... She was also turned into a vampire. This is the story of Marleigh Raylin Salvatore when she fell in love. Written by @Leighlockwood (me) and @colleengrier

  • Because I care
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    This is basically a way for me to show and express how I feel about all stupid and annoying things in the world, but also to talk about all of the positive things In my life and my life loves. (Ex:the vampire diaries=my life loves.)

  • Loving a Salvatore
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    2 Hybrids, vamps and a little bundle of.. Secrets? "Loving a Salvatore" is the sequel to "Being a Salvatore". With Damon back to his old uncaring no humanity self things get tougher and tougher, especially when Leigh starts acting strange. After that Let's just say things didn't turn out the way they planned. By:...