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  • Both (Camila/Lauren/You)
    551K 18.6K 41

    You and your Bestfriends, Lily and Cara (yes, it's Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne. they're your bestfriends in this story), are famous youtubers, you sing and you're a lesbian. You're also a big Harmonizer. But when you knew that Lauren and Camila have a huge crush on you almost fainted. When Fifth Harmony invited y...

    Completed   Mature
  • Harry Styles daughter
    6.5K 173 7

    ever wondered what its like to be the daughter of two famous parents? well here is my story. :)

  • The Pregnancy Class
    877 20 2

    It's high school. Everyone expects at least one girl to get pregnant. And when you get pregnant at Farrow High, you have to take the pregnancy class. ~@~ Lyric, Jacqui, Ember, and Carli are nobodies. They don't even know each other, save for the occasional passing in the hallway, which makes sense because they have a...

  • 99 Secrets Girls Have To Know About Guys
    405K 11.6K 100

    "How amazing is it to find someone who wants to hear about all the things that go on in your head." Here are 99 secrets girls have to know about guys.

  • Fifth Harmony Adopted Me
    1.3M 32K 67

    Kelsey Harrins was a 10 year old girl who lived in an orphanage her whole life. She had always believed that she was never gonna get adopted. But that was until five girls showed up, and changed everything.

  • Fifth Harmony Imagines / Preferences
    440K 9.4K 64

    I decided to do some Fifth Harmony Imagines / Preferences. Feel free to PM / Comment requests, along with which girl you want.

  • Fifth harmony imagines
    455K 10K 74

    fifth harmony one shots for yall harmonizers

  • Fifth Harmony Imagines
    1M 21K 63

    Fifth Harmony imagines for y'all to read. There aren't many people writing these so I thought why not? you can send me requests if you want :-) Update: I've been writing these for a while now and luckily there are more people writing these which is hella good ayyye, enjoy! xoxox

  • The heart wants what it wants
    3.5K 43 10

    Inspired by Selena Gomez's brilliant song, The Heart Wants What It Wants. Camren fanfiction. Camila is the geek of all geeks, but there is something about her that Lauren, the prettiest girl at their school, finds interesting. Lauren is smart, not just in the subjects at school, but her language. She's smart with wo...

  • College
    5.7K 101 9

    Camila heads off to college and is excited to meet her roommate. Turns out her roommate is a rude lesbian. Her name is Lauren. Will Camila fall for Lauren or will she stay with her boyfriend.

  • Her
    1K 54 2

    Everyone was captivated by her as soon as she moved into the new neighborhood. But there was only one person who caught Camilas eyes but it seemed to be like she only saw her when it was late at night. Camila's life already had its lowest point, will she finally get to experience its highs?

  • Loving u isn't easy (becstin fan-fic)
    613 23 4

    Becky gets hurt very hard my Camilla and she cant trust Austin to stay with her or Camilla so she starts to date her stepbrother will her stepbrother make her trust him so he can have sex with her? or help her get back with Austin and make her trust Austin Again? Will Camilla get in the mess of every thing ? See what...

  • Why? Why? Why? (Austin Mahone fanfic)
    13.4K 359 19

    Is it too late to change everything?

  • Next to You ➡ Becstin
    119K 4.6K 43

    Becky G is that innocent girl every boy wants. But she doesn't want any boy she wants that special boy. Austin Mahone. But Austin is keeping a secret from her, a secret of his past. The reason why he is the way he is. Becstin love story

  • Devil?or Angle? Austin mahone
    929 46 7

    Samantha was a small town girl till she hit the spot light what happened when she meets the old teen heart throb austin mahone will her life change Read to find out

  • My famous family
    317 3 4

    This is about my family my parents in this book are not my real parents

  • The one
    12.8K 511 35

    Austin Mahone has a choice. He whether chooses Camila or Rebecca. Will he choose the right girl or end up with a mistake?

  • 500 One Direction Facts
    115K 2.4K 11

    The original One Direction facts book.