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  • The Blood-Stained Empress
    274K 7.4K 16

    After Li Meixing is executed by her lover alongside her family, she wakes up four years earlier and searches for a way to survive the coming conflict. ***** Li Meixing is living the perfect life. Her father is a powerful politician in the Qi Kingdom...

  • Let's Learn Korean [Compilation]
    1.9M 38.5K 74

    Highest Rank: #1 Non-Fiction Annyeonghaseyo. Jeoneun Man Joo Yeon imnida. I'm here to help you to learn some korean phrases,grammars or words in an easy way here in this book. DISCLAIMER: This is just a compilations! Credits to the sources I got! ? CoverPhoto by @-imyourprince

  • My arrogant Husband
    464K 17K 56

    Evangeline. A simple mixed indian girl from a moderate and happy family. She loves to smile, laugh, and be happy. She believes in love and destiny. Ace Andres A complicated rich billionaire. He is arrogant, angry and full of sarcastic remarks. ...

  • My Love : Krishna
    3.8K 229 6

    A collection of spiritual poems of the Hindu Lord VIshnu's Avatar known as Krishna ....who is my God , my lover , my friend , my well wisher , my parent , my savior everything ...My Krishna

  • The Krishna Love (Wattpad India Awards Winner)
    116K 7.7K 63

    "Let's explore the world, man. First, we should go to the Himalayas," Ravi said as he was searching best spiritual places of India on his cell phone. "We're not going anywhere," Sid said sharply, his eyes narrowed in disbelief. "Isn't that what you want?" Ravi snapped, for him, Sid was such a killjoy. "The search for...

    36.6K 1.2K 34

    #1 in siyakeram Note: I sincerely hope you're doing well in the toughest period of lockdown. Overwhelmed with the response of all my readers I'm back at updating this story. Thank you so much for all the love and apologies for keeping you waiting. Life happens and we need to keep up with it. Trying to make the most o...

  • Sree Krishna - Ultimate God
    2.5K 57 7

    Lord Sree Krishna is the ultimate God according to Hinduism. He is all pervading spirit. He is not only God, but a perfect example for human beings. His playful nature, loyalty and love for his devotees is inconceivable. His stories are interesting, lovely and entertaining.

  • Hindu Quotes
    2.4K 133 4

    Hindu quotes for all my Hindus out there, and anyone else who would like to read. Everyone is welcomed here. Thanks for reading, vote and comment. Enjoy reading. Pranam

  • Stories That Will Change Your Life
    18.1K 574 20

    I remember during school/college times, when we were mentally harassed by boring lectures, all of a sudden the teacher used to say, "Let me tell you a story." I remember how everyone's glum faces bloomed like a flower. Stories are life: without stories, life would be boring. "The universe is made of stories, not of a...

  • Stories From Hindu Mythology
    21.8K 546 7

    This book is a collection of stories of Hindu Mythology. Indian is land of multiculturism and so is its stories.

  • Comebacks
    231K 8K 58

    This book will be filled with comebacks. Some will be made up by me and others will be recommended. Please don't take these as personally offensive. Don't use them to hurt others either. Unless that person is bullying you, then use them all you want. You can recommend a comeback by commenting what comeback you want me...

  • Vampire Knight: Forbidden Love [Zero Tribute]
    34.8K 1.2K 26

    He has always been suffering, always in pain. She has given him a scar, that he will carry forever. I want to be the one.. who saves him.. From his undying misery. I will be the one who will give him what he truly deserves. He deserves to be loved. I will love him, always, And I will never stop. Even if it is.. FO...

  • I'm a Servant to My Mate (ON HOLD)
    16.5K 435 20

    This story is about a girl named Dylan. She is 16 years old and she works as a servant for Thr royal family but main for Prince Noah. Now Noah isn't just any normal Prince. He's a werewolf, but so is Dylan. The whole kingdom is made up of werewolves. It's Noah 18th birthday and that is when he will find his mate. The...

  • My Dragon Mate
    1.7M 60.8K 37

    Dragons and werewolves hate each other. Dragon will kill any wolf they see. The reason for this, is that the dragon god and moon goddess hate each other. But what if... What if the dragon god and moon goddess decided to mate a wolf and a dragon? They decide it's time for peace and mate them. How will they react to ea...