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  • Nine Boys... Then There's Me. {A Royal Wolves Story #1&2}
    3.1M 46.4K 37

    A royal wolf is a majestic creature created from the moon herself when she had taken physical form on earth. The moon had fallen in love and through their love produced the first werewolves of the world. To be a royal wolf, one was pure wolf. They are identified by their sapphire blue eyes just as the moon had and to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Avatar With Wings
    19K 278 23

    Felicia is no ordinary girl. She can fly, control the elements, and control her own density. All her life she has grown up being made fun for being abnormal. But when the new boy comes to town, and he is alsoa mutant, things turn around. First they are accused of murder, then they are kidnapped by a mutant organizatio...