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  • You Found Me (Larry Stylinson)
    273K 8.4K 31

    Louis Tomlinson was going for a quick walk after a fight with his girlfriend Eleanor Calder, that was when he saw him. The beautiful boy playing the quitar and singing along. His jacket was about two sizes to small and there were holes in his clothes, yet he was smiling as he sang. It was then he noticed the guitar ca...

  • The Moment I Knew (Larry Stylinson)
    343K 10.7K 36

    (Sequel to Haunted) Louis can hardly deal with knowing that Harry tried to kill himself because he fell in love with the wrong person, Louis. Harry can hardly deal with the fact that he failed and now he's forced to try and fix himself. Both of them don't know what to do anymore.

    Completed   Mature
  • Haunted (Larry Stylinson)
    239K 7.9K 16

    Harry's madly in love with his best friend. But Louis is taken by his stupidly perfect girlfriend, Eleanor. And Harry just can't take it anymore.

    Completed   Mature
  • I'll Be Your Safety ♡
    56K 1K 27

    Hi, My name is Harry, Harry Styles from One Direction. I have hundreds of girls falling at my feet and yet i am still depressed. I am Gay and I have hidden it for the past 2 years. I have also had problems with eating.... All because of the one i love... Louis Tomlinson ♡ ...

  • Mute (Ziall) (on hold)
    128K 2.1K 13

    (BoyxBoy) [side of Larry] He was always quiet. He never looked up or made eye contact with anyone. Why am I noticing him now? He didn't speak yet I can't stop thinking about him.... I know he has a story... I just have to figure out what it is. I just need to figure out the mute boy.

  • Larry One Shots
    20.2K 66 2

    This will be a collection of Larry Stylinson One shots. I'll put a disclaimer in the title for the ones that are sexual. I will hopefully update casually, but often. x

  • Blood sucking lover - a Ziall fanfic *EDITING*
    30.4K 469 20

    Niall Horan. Cruel. Sarcastic. Selfish in ways you couldn't even imagine. Zayn Malik. Sometimes he can be cruel but that's only if you trigger his bad side. Otherwise, his caring, funny and good looking. A night out can change your life to the bit. What happens when your past comes to hunt you back? What happens wh...

  • I've Got You, Babe (Mpreg)
    26.6K 392 1

    Harry Styles' life got turned upside down two year ago, when his boyfriend broke up with him out of the blue for no reason. Louis, his boyfriend, simply said he was tired of all Harry’s ways and it was time for them to move on, they both knew this was coming one day. Harry never thought that Louis would break up with...

  • Zayn and Niall: Everybody Needs Somebody Sometimes
    1.9M 21.5K 55

    The one in which Niall dreams about Zayn, Harry might be in love with Louis, and Liam tries really hard to keep them all going.

  • Burn [Larry Stylinson AU]
    522K 15.6K 18

    There are things much larger than fate... Louis Tomlinson is a street musician with a minor drug addiction and a ginger cat he sometimes talks to. After a nearly fatal beating, he is saved by a fallen angel named Harry. Louis shows Harry how to live and be reckless, while at the same time finds himself falling in lov...

  • Save Me From The Monsters - A Ziall Fic
    1.4M 52.6K 33

    Niall has always been special. They called him different, strange, diseased. But he had visited many doctors, and none of them diagnosed him with anything. Niall was just scared, all the time. Paranoid, some people may call it. He swore there were monsters out to get him, and constantly lived his life in fear, never h...

  • Uniquely Perfect - Larry Stylinson AU Kitten!Harry (with a bit of Niam) {Book1}
    4.8M 132K 49

    When Louis Tomlinson finds Harry Styles sitting in an alley, he doesn't at all expect Harry to be different... or different in a nonhuman way at least. Until his bestfriend Liam informs him that Harry is a hybrid. A cat hybrid to be exact. Will Louis keep Harry with him, or will he send Harry out on his own? (I'm horr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Impress Me
    30.6K 391 7

    Liam is one of the most popular kids at school. He gets everything he wants. There’s only one thing that Liam doesn’t have and that’s Niall Horan, the geekiest and cutest kid in school. Liam will do anything to have Niall be his. But Niall likes to play hard to get.

  • Walk this lonely road.. (Niam fanfic)
    14.8K 308 9

    Niall wanted to escape. He was having too much problems with his family, friends, and school.. nothing was going good for him. So he ran away. He didn't want to turn back. Ever. He finds himself traveling on an abandoned road, but along the way he ran into an unexpected guest. Was it love at first sight or did it just...

  • How I've Loved You (Niam Fanfic)
    203K 2.4K 26

    18 year old Niall Horan has not had the best time at school. He is constantly bullied by a group of boys because of his sexuality. His parents notice the bruises and scars, but say nothing. Niall starts to feel like nobody cares about him, until he meets the new kid in school, Liam Payne.

  • Fixed You (Niam Horayne) AU ~COMPLETE~
    338K 7.8K 31

    Niall is scared, shaking out of his wits as he sits still on the floor of his mullingar home, hoping his dad doesn't abuse him again, hoping all the pain he has banked up inside him will all just go away. Niall is a kind hearted boy, but nobody sees him like that, to his dad he is a mistake, everything his dad does is...

  • You Want Me? Beg For Me [Niam]
    239K 5.2K 23

    [BROKEN HEARTS TRILOGY: BOOK 1] Niall Horan has had his heart broken before. So bad that he doesn't trust anyone not even his own family. The only ones he trusts (barely) are his two closest friends but even they can't help him. He's also gay. He's vowed never to fall again. But that vow is put to the test when Liam...

  • Is It So Wrong? ~ A COMPLETED One Direction Fanfiction ~ EDITING
    167K 1.8K 23

    Liam Payne had always had a rough time growing up, but this new school is worse than anything he could have ever imagined. | Niall Horan has always been a confident guy, but what happens when his new best friend makes him start questioning himself? || © 2012 Riley Marshall. All rights reserved. All trademarks and serv...

  • Saving Harry Styles (Zarry)
    291K 5K 24

    ✓ (ONE OF MY FIRST STORIES. SUCKS REALLY BAD. I'M SORRY. CONSIDERING DELETING.) Harry Styles doesn't know the meaning of love anymore..His parent's divorced and his mother turned to neglecting before she met Robin.Then when he thought he found love in Derek Price everything turned..He was taken by his boyfriend with n...

  • Uncommon Sanction
    576K 9K 8

    MPREG. Louis has been feeling unwell for a few weeks so Harry drags him to the doctor. The following months prove to be a truly emotional journey for them both. VERY loosely based on a true story. POLISH VERSION HERE: GERMAN VERSION HERE (...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bipolar (Larry Stylinson)
    109K 2.4K 12

    Bipolar. Also known as maniac depression. Symptoms include "mood swings" from hyperactive to depressed. Louis knows this. His mom's told him about it one time. Harry has been acting differently. For some time he'll be bouncing off the walls, then the next he's locked himself in his room. Louis' worried. So is Harry'...

    106K 402 21

    Okay so none of these are edited and this was in like 2012 so they're shit but fun to read if you want something stupid, sweet and short. Xoxo