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  • Avery Grey
    413 3 2

    I felt the cold metal on my exposed skin. I tasted blood in my mouth. My eyes wandered toward my feet when I saw the straps. I tried to move but was restricted from the neck down. I looked up as a shadow hit my eye. I peered up at the man with a surgical mask and scalpel in hand. "Don't worry, I'm a doctor." Avery Gre...

  • What He Left Behind
    1.7M 18.9K 28

    Noah Anderson had everything: a career as an actor, millions of fans, the good looks, and a beautiful girlfriend who thought the world of him. But for him, that wasn't enough, so he left America leaving his English lifestyle and everything behind. Or so he thought, for he left behind a son, a son he doesn't know about...

  • The Teacher Is A Bad Ass [Student/Teacher Love Story]
    928K 14.6K 17

    What would you do if your teacher hit on you at Starbucks? What would you do if your next door neighbor was that same teacher? What would you do if he's a total jack ass who wanted you but won't admit it? Meet Christina Williams she refuses to date anyone and give up her virginity. Because of her father she's put a...

  • Falling For You [A Forbidden Romance]
    263K 3.3K 8

    Camille Jackson has been an orphan for the past five months ever since the death of her mother left her alone. The brother 'Logan Jackson' she doesn't really remember shows up out of the blue and takes her in and finally gives her a home, the only problem with that is she doesn't want to live with him but will do anyt...

  • Breaking The Rules... [TeacherxxStudent]
    15.8K 141 11

    Sapphire Gets a new teacher during the middle of the year,A hot teacher that is! and now will they fall in detention together or will they fall headover heals!? Things 'might' get perfect but then they turn bad once again....

  • He Assigns Me Homework, Gives Me Detention, Then kisses me? WTF! **Teacher**
    323K 4.2K 15

    Andy Parker had a normal life that she loved. She was on newspaper, cheerleading and pep squad. She had a slutty best friend, an annoying little sister and a single mother who worked her ass off. She was just too busy for love. But what happens when it unexpectedly catches up with the form of her new teacher...

  • Teacher's Pet
    21.9K 335 9

    This isn't your average history lesson. Olivia Kinnley is a quiet, sweet, and insanely shy 17 year old girl, ready to turn 18 and leave Sweetwater High School. A month before her senior year begins, her best friend Ava Davis talks her into going to a party. Little does she know, outgoing and flirty Ryan Harris will be...

  • Surprise, Surprise! I guess this makes you my wife.-ON HOLD
    2.9M 33K 26

    At home Kimberly was glad to say she had the perfect family, but in school she was never the social butterfly… Even worst Kim was teased and picked on mercyless specially by a boy called Chase Duncan. At her sister’s bechlorette party Kim gets a bit too drunk and gets herself into a huge mess. Now Kimberly Thomas does...

  • Kidnapped to Marry the Prince of Vampires
    497K 7.9K 15

    Bridget was a normal 17 year old girl with a loving family. But one night while her parents and sister are away on a business trip, a mysterious man shows up in her house and kidnaps her, then forces her to marry him. Turns out he's a vampire...a vampire Prince. Bridget becomes the Princess. She refuses to love he...

  • He Followed Me Home
    382K 12.4K 46

    Francine has always had a gift. She has always been able to sense ghosts and she loved the paranormal. However when she went civil war ghost hunting she never expected for one to follow her home. She expected even less to have said ghost turn out to be the man she'd always dreamed of. She hadn't exptected him to fall...

  • You Know I'm Such a Fool for You
    3.8M 39.3K 35

    Vicky is a 17 year old girl who has a dedicated mom, a best friend she loves, Leah, and an ‘almost’ boyfriend, Oliver. Adrian is Leah’s 21 old brother and the typical player. He’s not against the concept of love; it’s just not for him. When Leah and Vicky were growing up, Adrian was always around playing the ‘big br...

  • You're never gonna fit in much, kid. (Student/Teacher relationship)
    19.4K 101 14

    A girl named Serena gets something she never ever expected from the 12th grade... Love. And, oh, did I mention it was with a teacher?

  • Flawless.
    47.8K 652 16

    Aly is a shy, unpopular, smart girl. Her only friend is her older brother. But when she meets Leon, the new, hot guy with a secret, she becomes intrigued. Aly and Leon become partners for a project and have to be spending time together, something Aly doesn't find comfortable. but when she meets his brother, she can' t...

  • The Man Of My Dreams! (Editing)
    186K 3.1K 29

    Vianna has had dreams about Demitri for as long as she can remember. on her eighteenth birthday he shows up at her school as her new English teacher. Demitri is a important vampire prince in the night worlds court system, and Vianna is just a normal high school senior awaiting her life after high school. but would sh...

  • This wasn't supposed to happen ( a student/teacher relationship)
    611K 10.2K 32

    A student/teacher love story. Angelina is a shy girl from sunny California. She's 16 andgoes to Sunnyvale High School. One night, she had a terrible fight with her parents and ran out of the house to a club. Next thing she knew, she was with her Math teacher. They fall in love and go through a series of problems whi...

  • forbidden and Forgotten love [ a teacher<3 student relationship]
    91.9K 704 15

    Andrea Manderson is a junior in High school living her peaceful boy free life with her friends. After the amazing summer she had with her buddy's she starts school , another boring year that is until she bumps into her major crush from a few years ago. Her sisters close buddy and her major crush is her new teacher! C...

  • My birthday cop is my teacher?
    385K 5.9K 26

    Ariel, AKA Jasper is dyslexic. She stays behind in high school while her twin sister Aquata goes of to collage. On her 19th birthday party shes having a small house party with her best friends, Chrissie, Jessica, Kaya and Emma, when the present they got for her walks in. Wearing a police uniform and with his 2 sexy ba...

  • Its Complicated ( A Student Teacher Love Story)
    98.6K 1.2K 14

    Natalie aka Nat was never a normal girl she was a party girl she went out most nights of the week even she party she got good grades... and if yu think thats normal what about she's dating her englash teacher! when they think every thing is going good.... surprise surprise nothing ever easy.... ITS COMPLICATED

  • Vampires Adopted Me
    320K 5.9K 31

    When Hazels parents die in a tragic accident she is shipped across the world to Europe. When a family reunion is on it's way she learns the strange and frighting things about the family she now belongs to; including the young girl that once lived there that looked exactly like her.

  • My Kidnapper says showering together is bonding. Yeah Right
    1.1M 8.5K 32

    Marlyn wakes up in a dark room chained and hurt. Two mysterious beautiful mean are her kipnapped. One good One Evil. She finds out that their Vampires and she just food for the Marcus the evil brother. She befriends the only human in this sick place and Deep down Shes trying to understand him and his reasons.

  • I live with a vampire and his vampire servants [Book 2]
    268K 3.3K 15

    Sequel following the first one. Kiara has been living with vampires for about year and is good friends with them all. Its summer vacation and Nile, Jordan, and Kiara go up to Nick’s house to visit for a week. But when strange things start happening to Jordan they start to question things.

  • Not Your Average Teen Pregnancy [COMPLETED]
    1.2M 23.2K 17

    DISCLAIMER: I WROTE THIS A LONG TIME AGO, IT'S NOT VERY GOOD. DON'T READ IT. Ellie McLane is staying with the Carter's, her next door neighbors with five children--all super hawt boys. Derek Carter, the Carter boy her age, drags her to a party the day before school starts. She ends up getting raped by a Player (Sam) w...

  • I'm a Teenage Father
    1M 9.6K 34

    Allstar Sixx is a Teenage Father at 18. His daughter, Zoey Sixx, is 5 years old. Thus, making Allstar a father at the age of 13. Without growing up with a mother, Zoey faces many things in her life. Allstar, without any help but his own parents, raises Zo on his own. When a new girl comes into town...She's defintely g...

  • You Are The Only Exception {Teacher/Student Relationship}
    2.4M 24.6K 39

    Michelle doesn't want to think about her parents divorce. No more, then she already has. Michelle swears she will never let herself forget what her father did to both her and her mother. He left them, for someone else. So, Michelle starts to believe, that love can never last. It's also Michelle's senior year of high...

  • Arranged marriage to a rich......Jerk?!
    9.3M 206K 65

    Skye Rhodes is a normal teenage who just wants to live life smoothly, until her parents arranges a marriage. Forced to marry a jerk from her school, Skye needs to stop her wedding from her parents forcing her to marry Landon, her future husband.

  • In Too Deep (A Student-Teacher/ Arranged Marriage story)
    1.7M 28.2K 23

    Sunshine Olive Rivers was a normal, quiet, smart girl in school. but when the new, hot and young teacher comes and she finds out she has to marry him due to a contract her grandparents made, she can't help but feel hatred against him. So when the guy she had been crushing on for years finally asks her out, she has to...