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  • The Best of Wattpad
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    You get a book recommendation! You get a book recommendation! EVERYONE GETS A BOOK RECOMMENDATION! Humor #201 / Teen Fiction #300

  • Moments In Time
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    Audrey "Auddie" Walsh always knew what it was like to live in the moment. Since she was a little girl, her father, a US Marine, had gone to different missions all of over the world to serve their country only to come back for short periods of time. Time was only filled with memories that she knew would fade away soon...

  • Long Live
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    “You can’t do everything someone tells you to do because you want them to like you or believe you,” he continued following me. “Well what else am I supposed to do?!” I turned on him. “Stand up for yourself; have a mind of your own.” Aislinn was a cheerleader, known by everyone at school, a flirt, popular, and a bully...

  • Rise of a Dark Hero
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    Blakely's necessity for revenge, his want to kill the man who took everything from him, it changed him. His home, his family, his friends. Everything was gone. The will of it all led him to create a plan that outmatched anyone's plan; especially since he was inside a jail cell. All he had to do was fake his death. The...

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    Reina is a 19 year-old working a menial job, living in a crappy apartment she can barely afford, and with the sudden arrival of her younger brother she is finding life hard to handle. The stressful mornings and sleepless nights start to get to her and after a mysterious and traumatizing experience Reina is left trying...