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  • Christian Quotes
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    These are all Christian quotes or maybe quotes I really like! Enjoy!

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  • Boys Suck
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    Bokan Sanders was just an average girl in a world full of Jennifer Lawrences and Scarlett Johannsons. With her best friend Ethan at her side, and a loving father and cool enough boyfriend to fall back on, her high school days were going to go smoothly. That is, until she starts her senior year with an unexpected preg...

  • How To: Romance
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    "If anyone ever desperately needed an instruction manual on romance, it would be you." Aubrey Stevens doesn't believe in romance. In fact, she's content with the idea of going through her entire senior year, single. She isn't prepared when her best friend Emma learns about a new student, Aaron Parker transferring to...

  • No Capes
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    "Why not wear a cape?" I whispered as the nighttime drizzle turned to mist. "Don't superheroes usually wear capes?" He cracked a boyish grin. "Nah. Not unless they want a death wish. Capes are hazardous for your health, Madeline." He looked at me, and I suspected he was about to divulge his best advice so far. "No ca...

  • A jar of wishes
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    Poems i have written and poured much of my heart into, i hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any form of critics (: highest rank: 9 in poetry