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  • one missed call
    4M 176K 134

    (1) Missed Call at 3:33 AM ------------------------------------- Copyright © HatOfChbosky ™ 2015 Highest Ranking Reached: #1 on Short Story Wattpad TNT Ka-Tropa Favorite Award 2015 Winner! Wattys 2015 Winner! ------------------------------------ [truly AMAZING cover by: @pennyxpen]

  • Road Trip to Love (PUBLISHED)
    498K 10.6K 10

    (2014 WATTY AWARD WINNER) She doesn't believe in cliches, but on a road trip through the beautiful Italian countryside with an extremely hot British guy, who wouldn't start believing in them? Rankings: Short Story #2 Note: The entire book is available for purchase on Amazon

  • 100 Voicemails
    16.8M 811K 109

    [Highest ranking: #1 in Short Story] After a car accident, seventeen year old Steve Carlton, goes into a coma. When he does wake up after a few months, he suffers from temporary memory loss. During this time, he starts to go through his messages and voicemails on his cellphone, trying to get a clue of who he used to...

  • The Galaxies Within
    5.6K 743 19

    ❝ѕнe was tнe ɢιrl people wordleѕѕly jυdɢed. plαιɴ, ѕιмple αɴd ɴαϊve. тнey тried тo мαĸe α deɴт ιɴ нer soul. тoo вαd тнey didɴ'т ĸɴow oɴe тнιɴɢ. тнere were ɢαlαхιeѕ ιɴѕιde oғ нer.❞ - A victim of judgements from all around proves to the world that she isn't just the simple waitress at the coffee shop and how one's size...

  • for the guy with the grey sweater
    740K 65.8K 62

    for the guy i see every so often but i'm too shy to talk to

  • Flower Boy | ✓
    144K 5.9K 2

    He put flowers on her doorstep for her birthday. Too bad Nina was allergic to pollen. [ cover made by @incendia- ]