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  • Gilinsky's Daughter(Jack Gilinsky fanfic)
    102K 1.5K 21

    Ellana has been Jack Gilinsky's girlfriend for 2 years.They have had their problems ,of course,with cheating. But they are over that now. They are happy now and Ellana is 7 months pregnant. Read and find out their story with a new member of the family.

  • Titanium
    157K 2.6K 21

    15 year old Crystal and Breanna are bullied everyday by Matt Espinosa and Cameron Dallas along with 8 others one day when they're alone in the woods cam and matt and take their virginity and gets them pregnant 2 year later and now famous know as youtuber model singer and photographer they're invited to Teen Awards w...

  • Be My First - A Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction
    2.4M 44.3K 106

    Some things happen for a reason.

  • Sex, Drugs, and Jack Gilinsky
    3.9M 70.6K 37


  • I will always love you (Matthew Espinosa)
    89.2K 2K 19

    Sequel to "Being Cameron Dallas' Sister.

  • Gilinsky's Daughter|||Book 2
    1.5K 40 2

    Sapphire Gilinsky has pretty much been through it all when it comes to daddy issues. Now that she's finally happy something else has to go wrong but maybe in the end everything will be happy or better. She has been keeping a secret for a while now. But it's not just some little secret it can impact a lot on her and Ha...

  • Temptation (Nash Grier/Hayes Grier)
    520K 10.4K 24

    Emily has been with her boyfriend Hayes for over 6 months and everything has been going great, the only thing she hated was having to see his brother Nash but what happens when the reason she avoids going to Hayes' house turns into the reason she can't wait to go to his house?

  • Sad Magcon Imagines
    21.8K 232 2

    Stories involve depression, self harm, bulimia, attempts of suicide, and suicide. May be triggering, please don't do anything to yourself though. I am always here to talk to. I understand what you are going through, it gets better I promise.

  • bullied by magcon
    630K 13.7K 86

    Chandler has her hands full with life, traumatized from when she was younger, bullied , and beaten. Read and find out this journey with Chandler, o2l, magcon, and many other YouTubers. ___________ all rights reserved ©™ lexiispeeeerf No part of this story can be used or reproduced in any form.

  • The Butterfly Effect
    1M 39.6K 14

    What has pushed you to believe taking your life is the answer? Are you really going to do it? What happens when death isn't as peaceful as you expected? What if a Reaper gives you something of an ultimatum? Witness first-hand what your death has brought to those around you, or remain wandering as a lost soul until you...

  • I'm A Father
    816K 17.8K 70

    Mandy Ours got pregnant by Jack Gilinsky when she was 16. Jack doesn't know about his little son, Tanner. She didn't want Jack to know because he was young and wild. She knew he wouldn't want anything to do with his son. She had to move and go to a new school. After graduation high school, Mandy takes Tanner to c...

  • Being Cameron Dallas' Sister
    852K 16.5K 55

    COMPLETED Emily Dallas, Cameron Dallas' sister goes to magcon with him. What happens when she meets Shawn Mendes, the guy she has been in love with forever. Will she fall for him or someone else?

  • cameron dallas' sister COMPLETED
    256K 4.9K 31

    in which nash grier falls in love with his best friend's twin sister.

  • pregnant with a grier (hayes grier)
    149K 2.1K 38

    hayes and aubrey have been dateing for 1 year and 5 month's and when hayes invites aubrey on tour and share hotel rooms alone everywhere they go stuff happens and that leads to big problems

  • Alone •Shawn Mendes
    2.7M 69.3K 45

    Claire Johnson; a smart, talented musician who wants to pursue a life in music, but not only in music. When a huge tragedy occurs, Claire feels like her world is falling apart. She has to live with her cousin in Nebraska. She's sad, but she wants to be positive and strong for her parents. When she meets Shawn she thi...

  • Bullied // n.g
    44.1K 765 29

    "One second you can be all happy, but then the next you can be sad and depressed."

  • Pregnant With His Baby (Jack Gilinsky)
    901K 15.3K 48

    Lizzy Brooks is just a normal girl going into her senior year of high school. Jack Gilinsky is the school's bad boy. At a party these two opposites meet and form an unexpected relationship caused by Jack getting Lizzy pregnant. Follow this misfit couple through their pregnancy in "Pregnant With His Baby."

  • Pregnant with Nash grier's baby
    328K 4.2K 42

    This was not a stomach bug I knew exactly what it was? Keely Jane has been dating Nash grier for 2 years what will he do when he finds out she's pregnant at 16 with his baby Will he leave her? Read to find out

  • Pregnant with Nash Griers baby
    467K 6.1K 31

    Nash Grier. Nash Grier! I'm having a baby with Nash Grier. Oh. My. God.

  • The Truth About Acacia.
    76.3K 1.1K 17

    Relationships are funny things. You laugh, you smile, you cry.. Well it seems to me that i cry, while Kian laughs, and smiles with Acacia. Acacia is in a relationship with my cousin Sam, and Kian is a relationship with me.. but the fact that we are all in relationships doesn't seem to bother Acacia and Kian while the...

  • Life Changing||Trevor Moran
    123K 3.3K 22

    Sara is just an ordinary 15 year old that's music obsessed and loves riding a penny board(which her mom doesn't like because she doesn't consider it as a "girly" activity). Sara isn't very known at school and is made fun of a lot and has made her very insecure about herself. She self harms herself sometimes and only h...