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    Based on the movie Mean Girls. Teenager Steve Rogers was educated in Africa by his scientist parents. When his family moves to the suburbs of Illinois, Steve finally gets to experience public school and gets a quick primer on the cruel, tacit laws of popularity that divide his fellow students into tightly knit clique...

  • Homework (Stony highschool AU)
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    Tony Stark is basically a dork. Not your typical dork, though. It wouldn't make a good story if he were a typical dork. He has only two real friends, he has a name for himself around the school, and he smokes pot. He tries to not be 'typical'. Tony might be the smartest kid in the school, but he can't get a damn date...

  • Saving My Life [Book 3]
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    ✖Sequel to Living My Life ✖ Book 3✖ What happens when Steve and Tony find out who Spider-Man is? Will they freak out? Will they cry? To find out, first they have to save his life.

  • Letters
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    Letters between Steve and Tony

  • My Brother's Best Friend [BoyxBoy] HBT Book 1
    4.4M 104K 22

    [Book 1 in the Hughes Brothers Trilogy] Justin has a secret. For so long Justin Hughes has had to deal with the realization that he is gay. He doesn't know when it happened, or how or even why. All he knows is that he's in love with his brother's best friend. His brother's straight best friend. Isaac Benson is loyal t...

  • My sweet Valentine
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    A Stony Valentines day fanfic

  • One Sticky Situation [Spideypool]
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    [FINISHED🎉] Peter doesn't feel all that comfortable with Wade Wilson, the school bully, as his project partner... and certainly not as a houseguest! (SpideyPool, Teen/High-School AU, Superfamily, Stony)

    Completed   Mature
  • Vulnerable.
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    Tony(16) is struggling through life, wondering if it's even worth trying to live through another day.

  • Stony and Spiderpool
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    Drabbles about these two couples.

  • "PETER PARKER!" (Spideypool)
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  • The Isty Bitsy Spider(man) SpideyPool
    12.5K 440 3

    Super family AU Sipdeypool goodness.

  • A Dinner With Framily (SpideyPool)
    10.3K 500 10

    The normal, everyday lives of Peter Parker and Wade Wilson after their casual Dinner with the Family.

  • The Iron Captain
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    Steve took his head away from Tony's metal hand, the cold no longer affecting his heated face. "You don't get it do you? I can't tell you what I need to tell you!" he yelled, becoming more and more frustrated with himself. He got up from his spot on the edge of the building and moved towards the door to the stairs. He...

  • Stony: What if we say good bye.
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    For a friend. Comments are appreciated.

  • Something of Tomorrow
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    In a world where your soulmate's name appears on your wrist as soon as they are born, Steve's wrist has been blank his whole life. While at first he was just waiting, as time went on and there was still no name he kind of accepted that he wasn't going to have a soulmate. He's hopeful but so broken and lonely, and that...

  • Stony: death of a legend
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    I wrote this for one of the people who follows me on Instagram. If you like it comment. I'd appreciate the feed back. Also I am in the process of writing another for her so you'll see Chloe (her name) in more stories. :) thanks

  • ((NOT DONE)) Stony One Shot Comp by Pasterial hi thx
    5.5K 135 2

    Okay so I had a lot of popular feedback about the first part of this whole shabang and decided to progress with it. Its basically a few one shots of Stony (Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, aka Captain america and Iron man) and heres the thing. Thx.

  • Super family & Spideypool
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    I can't think of a description just role with it.

  • Best Valentines Day Ever (a Stony Fanfic)
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    Valentines day stony

  • The Soldier Next Door (Teen!Avengers)
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    Steve Rogers has always been a little different. Always too little, now too big. So when he gets accepted into S.H.I.E.L.D Academy, he hopes that he can just keep his head down, and make it through the last year of school without any trouble. And that's where Tony Stark comes in. The school's self proclaimed bad boy...

  • Stony: I Do
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    In which Steve is killed the day he goes to propose to tony.

  • Where's Peter?
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    In this Superfamily story Peter dissapears

  • Stony family life
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    Tony get pregnant

  • Stony Shorts
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    Ugh. StevexTony. Hot. May contain sickness.

  • Who are you?
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    spideypool! full of fluffies! fluffies galor!!! the sweet sensation of knee skin... ill stop now. so, wade and peter are dating, yet neither one knows about the others super hero alter egos. lets see how they find out!

  • Thanks (stony fanfic)
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    Steve decides to show Tony how he feels, and kisses Tony. #stony #steve #tony #stark #rogers #captain #america #captainamerica #iron #man #ironman

  • Recovery: Spideypool fanfic
    120K 3.7K 17

    Spiderman has been missing for nearly three weeks, but luckily Deadpool was able to find him. But his spider was gone for so long and needs to be caught up to speed. How will he deal with how the world went on in his absence. Contains Stony and Superfamily.