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  • chasing rubies (lashton)
    20.3K 1K 6

    What’s Ashton supposed to do if he ends up sharing the cabin with a cute counselor? The original can be read on AO3 here:

  • for the art of war (lashton)
    128K 7.2K 24

    Luke wasn't sure exactly when his life turned into a train wreck, but he knew that it probably coincided with the day he met Ashton. The original can be read on AO3 here:

    Completed   Mature
  • roommates • lashton
    1.5M 79.5K 55

    "i fucking hate you, irwin" "sorry, hemmings? i couldn't hear you there, my dick was in your mouth" in which luke and ashton hates each other with a passion and are forced to be roommates through a whole summer filled with hate that somehow takes a sexual turn (for a better introduction i advise you to read the prolo...

    Completed   Mature
  • If Walls Could Talk (lashton)
    47.9K 1.8K 21

    "Ashton, when a person tells you that you hurt them you don't get to decide that you didn't." Or the one where Luke and Ashton are friends with benefits, but Luke wants more and Ashton isn't gay

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life // malum
    5.9K 396 20

    Michael will never have Luke when he already has Ashton, and if the only way Calum can have Michael is through one night stands then he'll take it until he can't anymore. And when they can't stand it anymore, what happens then?

  • boy meets boy ✪ lashton
    728K 26.5K 33

    "so, is this a thing?" "yeah, we'll be friends.. with benefits" the one where luke and ashton start a secret friends with benefits relationship behind their girlfriends backs but sex doesn't help keeping the feelings away. warning: strong language & smut (a lot!!)

    Completed   Mature
    28.5K 2.2K 24

    「Malum Mermaid AU」 I do not own 5sos but I own the storyline. Thank you for reading. Kate ; @1-800-CALUM ©2016

  • Safezone Three || Lashton✔
    15.4K 776 13

    short story: In which Ashton is a soldier and has been placed in Safezone Three and Luke is a civilian who has strangers living in his home (this story is set during an apocalypse and is based on FTWD but with Lashton in it)

  • Riding Hood • Malum ✔️
    65.5K 2.8K 13

    [COMPLETED] "Code red! Code fucking red!" "Okay, if my notes are correct, code red means really, really hot boy that Michael wants to either blow or fuck." When the fiery Michael Clifford bumps into the school nerd, Calum Hood, things get rather interesting. Basically put, Michael really wants to ruin Calum. Malum AU...

  • Lost in the Dream | Changhyuk
    236 22 2

    Minhyuk tem sonhos lúcidos extremamente vívidos todas as noites. Entre eles há sempre algo em comum: Changkyun, um personagem em sua mente pelo qual ele se apaixona. Quando seus sonhos lhe parecem mais interessantes do que a própria realidade, ele começa a perder o controle de sua vida.

  • with that glasses [inda]
    21 2 1

    Sanghyuk não queria estar com um palestrante de uma área que ele não conhecia, ele só queria descansar e pegar as horas de seu evento. Mas uma coisa chamou atenção de Sanghyuk quando ele viu aquele homem com o par de óculos que faziam ele parecer fofo.

  • A Series of PremWad Oneshots
    69.8K 3.9K 25

    A collection of oneshots written about Prem and Wad from Sotus the Series. All of the oneshots are separate, unrelated stories unless specified. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to send any requests to my tumblr, my URL is also doctorbeam.

  • To the Moon and Back
    44.5K 2.2K 10

    Prem was heartbroken when his lover since his university days (not that he ever admitted) disappeared without a word seven years ago. However, when the news of his return reached Prem's ears, Prem knew that it was time for him to seek his desired revenge. Tired of running around with an aching heart (and even heavier...

  • Addicted | Jookyun
    33.5K 2.1K 10

    Changkyun was addicted to books and the knowlege they gave him. Jooheon was addicted to the cigarettes and the nicotine in them. When their paths cross, they become more addicted to other things

  • Crazy For You [Frerard]
    42.9K 3.4K 12

    Gerard, em um momento de desespero e frustração sexual, decide ligar para um disk-sexo. Ele pretende fazer isso apenas uma vez mas as coisas tomam um rumo inesperado. Autora: elimak, AO3 #1 em Frerard - 29/03/19

  • Exate
    52.7K 4.6K 17

    Oito pessoas diferentes, espalhadas em vários pontos do mundo são interligados mentalmente depois de um estranho pesadelo onde veem um desconhecido se jogado de um prédio. Agora, eles precisam correr contra o relógio para impedir uma catástrofe mundial ao mesmo tempo em que conciliam com seus conflitos pessoais.

    Completed   Mature
  • príncipe de copas
    9.3K 1.6K 4

    Kyungsoo pintou as rosas brancas de Jongin com seu próprio sangue. [kaisoo]→[hanahaki]→[4shot]

  • B de Boombayah? || bamlisa
    1.4K 287 1

    Porque apesar de esquecido, o "b" de LGBT tinha um significado. [BAMLISA | ONESHOT | FLUFFLY | MENÇÃO YUGKOOK]

  • add me in | ˢᴴᵂ × ʸᴷᴴ
    47.3K 2.4K 15

    ㅡ ❝I need you in my life. not just as a member, but as my lover.❞ it all started when Kihyun remembered their time during no.mercy. ever since then his feelings never stopped growing.

  • a little happiness | showki [ ✓ ]
    3.5K 185 2

    when i fell for you, i didn't understand my feelings. upon parting, only did i realize how you were engraved in my heart. © -gotsevens, 2016

  • response of souls | ᴷᴴᴮ × ᴷᴶᵂ
    18.8K 932 34

    ㅡ ❝there are no words for what I did, what I did for you.❞ all those years ago they had lost two of their best friends & Hanbin also lost his 'one true love'. now, four years have passed, but Hanbin still had to suffer due to the memories hunting him by day & by night. little did they know that two dangerous men were...

  • bunny ♡ double b
    1.6K 257 1

    Onde Hanbin entra em desespero ao perder o coelhinho de pelúcia da sorte que ganhou de Jiwon, bem no dia do aniversário de namoro deles. [double b | fluffy | oneshot]

  • First Kiss: Bed
    2.2K 336 1

    Quando Sehun tem pesadelos liga para Yixing, e mesmo que seja uma atitude um tantinho infantil do mais novo, Yixing sempre vem imediatamente. sexing;

  • Tattoo || namsong
    2K 314 2

    O hobby de Nam Taehyun era usar MinHo como uma de suas telas. [Namsong | 2shot]

    Completed   Mature