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  • MJ Fantasy: Immortal Love (MJwife)
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    In 1984, 16-year-old Michelle Everett was an ordinary, shy, and innocent girl. She has light brown eyes, long dark brown hair, and light olive skin. Her mother is part Irish and African-American and her father is part Puerto Rican and Italian. She moved to San Francisco with her father. He and her mother had a divorce...

  • So wrong, yet so right
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    He is older... handsome, has those dreamy eyes. It's hard to just look at him without getting these thoughts. Thoughts that shouldn't be there. Especially not when he is your dads bestfriend.

  • Takes One, To Know One
    3.4K 178 16

    {This is a Michael Jackson fanfic} I can't stand Michael Jackson.Plain,and simple. Don't talk to me about him. Don't show him to me because I don't wanna see his face. Everybody around me loves him, but I want nothing to do with him. He's just another stuck up,asshole of a celebrity that I don't have time for. He can...

  • Mystery Online [MJ fan-fiction]
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    Allison Skylars. Online network was her get-away from the outside world. Through this she met someone who intrigued her with his life. 3 months chatting, but no phone calls, no Skype, just words. Simple words on a computer screen. Only a few pictures were sent. Who was really behind the screen? ...