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  • My Horrible Ex-Husband
    801K 32.4K 20

    After a messy divorce with his husband Eli, Caleb thinks he'd never have to deal with his foolishness again. But after their daughter Michelle has a few friends over and accidentally burns Eli's place down, it seems Caleb might just have to deal with his husband all over again.

  • My Boss Is A Monster - Ziall (Boyxboy)
    333K 16.7K 58

    I thought in my life that High School and College will be the worst things in life that may come but I didn't know that the person who I'll meet will be my worst nightmare. And I'm awake. ------- [Completed: 5/11/2015] [2nd place in Bromance Awards: Undiscovered Ziall] © Copyright: All rights reserved. ||PotatoPrince

    Completed   Mature
  • Jeffree Star and Willam Belli Fan Fiction
    1.3K 30 6

    I like em both so why not create a fan fic? And this story is fiction, so a lot of it is not true.

  • Who's Texting Me? Oh, Just My Homicidal Stalker. boyxboy
    1.9M 76.6K 43

    Like any other teenager, I wanted a damn break from school. Well, a murder on campus gave me that break. Sadly (for me, mostly) the murder had to do with my new... "friend": a homicidal, obsessive, cunning, and possessive stalker with an irritating sense of humor. How did I stumble onto the stalker of all stalkers? no...