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  • Christmas, Lights, & Harry Styles
    264K 7.6K 6

    A Christmas Special: It’s time for the holidays and as Amber’s bustling to get everything ready, Harry’s finishing up his second world tour with the boys, excited to get back and spend the season with Amber. But when an unexpected snowstorm hits New York causing Harry’s flight to be delayed and a power outage at the a...

  • He Broke My Heart (Harry Styles FanFic)
    597K 10.1K 36

    {Book 1} Games are made to be played, but sometimes they take a turn for the worst. "Truth, or dare?" were the words that embedded themselves in Harry and Sage's relationship, and promptly ended it. Fast forward two years when Sage believes that Harry is no longer a part of her life and will have nothing to do with...

  • Direction-Ninjas - One Direction Fan Fiction
    196K 2.1K 18

    Two girls, Frankie and Kat. They work for a secret organisation. They've been undercover spies for more than four years. They're the top of their rank. So what's stopping them from becoming the best ninjas out there? A new assignment. One involving a certain british boy band called One Direction. When Zayn's girlfr...

  • The One That Got Away
    3.4M 20.6K 42

    She was his main priority for years, but when he screws up and forgets where he started, can he make amends with her? Or will she forever be the one that got away? Warning: this story was written when I was around twelve/thirteen so the writing is not very good. Cover by xSnowKiss. All Rights Reserved. ©

  • Lights, Cameras, & Harry Styles
    9M 134K 75

    "Harry Styles will be playing your love interest." Those were the words Amber dreaded to hear. With a lot of bad history between them, the last thing they want to do is be around each other. But in order to make this movie, they need to at least get along. What will happen when they're forced to share an apartment tog...