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  • Game on (boyxboy )(slash)
    127K 6.2K 21

    Hunter and Kyran are arch enemies. They are both openly gay and enjoy the fact that they are good looking enough to turn even the straight boys of their highschool. despite this they are in constant competititon. every guy one wants the other automatically wants that one too. Then one night they make a bet. They we...

    Completed   Mature
  • Claimed [ManxMan/BDSM]
    391K 12.4K 13

    |Claimed [ManxMan/BDSM]| After a year of suffering under the hands of his abusive ex-lover, Levy Wilson is ready to forget the past. He is finally free of the clutches that held him and now all he needs is a good book and the comfort of his best friend, Molly. Never again will he subjugate himself to a man and allow h...

    21.4K 377 4

    Asper Lascivio [A.L.] Club There is a place where men go to fulfill their wildest fantasies. Where anything can happen. From the crack of a whip to the smooth caress of a Master's touch. In the dark halls of the A.L. Club roam desire, wicked intentions, painful pleasures and a fire that boils the blood. And on the rar...

  • Adrian fafnir:The Dragon King's Return
    15 2 4

    In the year of 784 a young but mature 14 year old named Adrian Fafnir has always been curious about the world around him.Hoping to discover secrets that haven hidden away for centuries, however Adrain soon realized that some secrets should have been closed when an unknown stranger reveals a dark truth that have shoo...

  • Erebor, The Lonely Mountain
    8.3K 386 25

    This is the Sequel to "A Hobbits Tale". It will be following Desolation Of Smaug and it is a Bofur X You Fanfiction. ^_^ please read A Hobbits Tale if you haven't since its the first and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING MY FANFICTIONS ^_^

  • Jeweled dolls of Durin
    24.2K 812 36

    Bofur meets a young dwarf girl who will not only change his life but the line of Durin permanently ..for good or for bad will be decided along the way. Warning: there will be eventually a love scene..but I'll post the rating when I get just be patient. All good things come to those who wait.

  • The Hobbit &The Lord of The Rings Imagines
    499K 12.5K 40

    Your dear lover of Middle-Earth can show his love for you in this Imagine story. I will write about ANY character in the Hobbit and Lord of The Rings to YOUR liking. Whether you're an elf, to a dwarf, you shall get the love of your life if it's the LAST thing I do! WARNING: A LOT OF BEAUTIFUL FEELS!

  • Heirs of Durin: Thorin's raising of Fili and Kili
    327 10 2

    Thorin Oakenshield, dwarf prince and King Under the Mountain, has just lost almost everything. His grandfather is dead, his father gone, his kingdom stolen from him. After an attempt to reclaim the dwarf kingdom of Moria, his sister, Dis, has lost her husband. She leaves her two sons, Fili and Kili, under Thorin's car...

  • Lost Little Dwarves
    290 19 1

    Fili, Kili, and Ori are out playing one day when things go wrong. Now one little dwarf is lost and trying to find help while the others are stranded. Will Thorin and the others find them in time? Contains young!Fili, young!Kili, and young!Ori. Cover art not mine

  • New Home
    262 11 1

    After defeating Smaug and surviving the BoFA, it is time to greet the dwarves from the Blue Mountains to their new home in Erebor. While all the company are excited to see their friends and family, Fili and Kili are waiting for someone very special.

  • A totally expected journey
    1.6K 99 20

    Me and my friends have decided to band together and write this. Should be fun Disclaimer: we do not own any original characters or plot points. We do own our own characters so please don't copy. Sorry for any spelling/grammatical errors that slip by us. Btw this story is a work in progress so it will be changing as I...

  • He was a prince
    658 27 15

    When her home was destroy she never thought she find a place where she belong until she met him. But could a prince fall for someone like her

  • A Hobbits Tale
    23.9K 757 26

    A Bofur X You romance following The Hobbit. I will try and update as much as I can. ^_^ please Read, Vote, Comment! Thank you!!!! I will try to keep it PG13 but if you would like some Smutt feel free to ask. He sequel to this story is called Erebor, The Lonely Mountain It has already been started so please read!!!!!

  • you will be mine until the day i die~ A Kili one-shot
    2.4K 29 1

    this is a oneshot for the dwarf Kili from the hobbit (who fills me with so many feels!!) ok you i wrote this from my point of view but instead of making an OC i just put y/n, but if you can't think of a name, her name is Lora. She is a dwarf who got separated from her family when Smaug took over the lonely mountain so...

  • Running From the Truth ( A Hobbit Fanfiction)
    756 77 6

    Carissi is a mistake. 1/2 elf and 1/2 dwarf she does not belong with either race, no place to call home. Her mother, an elf, died in childbirth. Her father died trying to regain the Mines of Moria with the dwarves of Erebor. However, when she is forced to join Thorin Oakenshield and his company who seek to reclaim the...

  • The King and The Baker
    5.4K 250 11

    (Set after the Battle of Five Armies) Dwarves flock back to Erebor in full force, excited about their new home. Thorin Oakenshield was King Under the Mountain and although he'd never planned to take a wife many eager, haughty Dwarrowdams pursued him anyway. But then there was Ora, a mellow minded Dwarrowdam and a simp...

  • The Lost Princess of Belegost
    2.7K 157 12

    Thorin Oakenshield, his nephews Fili & Kili, along with 10 other dwarves & a hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins go on a quest to reclaim their lost home. Dwarven companies, such as these, are built upon trust & loyalty, and don't include females. But what happens when Thorin's friend, Gandalf the Grey (who is a wizar...

  • Fate's Adventure
    3K 119 11

    After escaping the attack of an Orc pack, you're surprised to encounter Thorin Oakenshield and his company of 12 other dwarves (and a hobbit). After a little persuasion and some help from his charming nephew kili, you join them on this adventure. An adventure full of action and unexpected love. An adventure of unwant...

  • Heir's of Durin ( A Hobbit Fanfic)
    4.7K 234 17

    When an old friend pops back into their lives with and new friend will Fili and Kili Durin lose her again or will they have their happy ever after Please read vote and comment you know all the usual stuff ill take ideas aswell so feel free to put forward your ideas for what you want to happen Disclaimer i dont own cha...

  • Finding Our Way Home (The Hobbit)
    2.5K 97 6

    Liliana is a dwarf from the long lost kingdom of Erabor. Along with Thorin Oakenshield and the rest of his company they travel back to Erabor to reclaim their homeland. Thorin has always had eyes for Liliana and would do anything to protect Liliana but little does he know Liliana also has eyes for him. I DO NOT own a...

  • Endings are beginnings
    3.2K 137 7

    *SPOILER ALERT* Tauriel finds Kili after the battles of the five armies, but is he dead?

    121K 3.9K 18

    A reader-insert Hobbit fanfiction where the Reader, a beautiful she-dwarf, encounters Thorin's company and embarks on an adventure with them. (This is not a collection of one-shots but a coherent story with multiple endings.)

  • You love her? *A Thorin Oakenshield love story*
    7.3K 176 7

    Thorin despises Elves with his every last essence, but there is someone who is different. That is when Larien comes into play. With her wit and charm he finds himself immersed in her spell of love. Embark on the extremely bumpy journey of Thorin and Larien as they face the diversity of middle earth, and each other. To...

  • I Will Be There For You
    50.2K 1.4K 35

    A girl will be a new member of Thorin's Oakenshiel's company . She will try to help them take their homeland back from the beast. But there's a secret. Secret that she keeps from everyone. Almost everyone except the one she trusts and love...

  • Uncommon Love (Hobbit-Kili)
    4.4K 186 8

    Isabel, the young mysterious warrior. Rarely seen, she harbors many secrets. After saving the company of Thorin Oakenshield from a group of trolls, a certain dark-haired dwarf archer catches her eye. Kili, on the other hand, is entranced by her beauty and mysterious ways. Will Isabel give her trust to Kili, open up h...

  • Ashes of Dragon Fire (A Kili x Tauriel one shot)
    6.3K 112 1

    "Tauriel... You cannot be her. She... She is far, far away from me. She lives in dreams and starlight in another world… it was a dream. Do you think she could’ve loved me?" ~~Kili~~ ~Desolation of Smaug~

  • Misty Mountains (A Hobbit Fanfiction)
    12.2K 457 15

    When her father is approached by Thorin Oakenshield to accompany him on a quest, Laelia can't help but be frightened. Her father is frail and injured, the burns from Smaug never fully healed when they were attacked in Erebor 60 years ago. She takes his place on the quest, although Thorin thinks she's too young and irr...

  • I Regret Nothing (Kili Story)
    11.1K 334 18

    A girl from the northern kingdom of Forodwaith travels down to The Shire to join the company of dwarves on their adventure to reclaim their mountain. She gets more than she bargained for when she locked eyes with the dark-haired younger brother the first night

  • Resistance [Fili / The Hobbit]
    65.6K 2.4K 24

    The Blue Mountains, region of the kingdom Belegost, has been Teryn's home since birth. She grew up under the strict watch of her nurses and in the shadow of her older and fairly talented siblings. She was the fourth child of Goignus and Raella, which put her in a position of a Dwarven princess. Once the Battle of the...