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  • RIPTIDE / Christian Leave
    16.6K 361 9

    "I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations"

  • Fate // Christian Leave
    18.3K 309 12

    Accidentally bumping into Christian Akridge was the best mistake Ruby has ever made.

  • Cole.
    237K 5.2K 43

    McKinley Mendel is a normal girl who seeks adventure and a fresh start to life. On a spontaneous move to New York City, she meets Cole Sprouse, who gives her everything she is looking for.

  • Connected [Luke Hemmings]
    901K 23.2K 39

    You'd think having to deal with each other since Year 7, they wouldn't be a big problem, but that's where you're wrong. Renn and Luke have always hated each other, and probably always will. But the other boys can't take their bickering when they brawl it out after Luke pranks Renn's 18th birthday cake. So they decide...

  • The 5sos Bible
    7.8M 556K 90

    Open the 5sos bible Credits to Tumblr :) [highest ranking Non-Fiction #12 / Fanfiction #18 / Random #3 ] [cover by me (-royal) so please DON'T copy it or i'll haunt you] ❌ NOT ACCEPTING TRANSLATION REQUESTS ANYMORE TY ❌

  • Neighbors //sammy wilk//
    78.7K 1.4K 16

    Emma Gilinsky is jack Gilinsky's cousin. She is 19 years old. Emma recently moved. Her cousin jack (G) lives a street away. Jack and Emma are like best friends yet Emma has never met his friends. But when she finds out one of his close friends is her neighbor (sammy wilk) will she fall for him?

  • I'm in love with my best friend (sammy wilk)
    14.3K 230 6

    Sammy Wilk and Deja Stone have been best friends since forever and live right next to each other but spend majority of their time at each others houses and even on tour sometimes. Deja is also best friends with Jack and Jack since kindergarden. But when Deja falls in love with Sammy will it ruin her friendship between...

  • Bad S.W
    43.2K 834 9

    Faith is one of those Grunge girls that you'll find on tumblr. she smokes,drinks and does anything she wants and pretty much everyone wants to be her , she's popular and very pretty but she don't try she don't care what people think of her and she don't care if she's popular or not, but one day she switches schools an...

  • Too good for you [ sammy wilk fanfic ]
    102K 1.6K 19

    Alex is 16 years old and lives in Omaha. She's good in school, get great grades and is nice to everyone. At home she only study. Her parents died years ago, only when Alex was 8 years old. Shes living with her always drunk uncle. Alex get bullied on school by the "popular people" But she have one big secret that she'...

  • I think I'll stay (Sammy Wilk fanfiction)
    275K 4K 25

    Taylor Jennings is pretty much your ordinary girl. Except that she goes to school with Sam Wilkinson, Jack Gilinsky, and Jack Johnson. The Populars. When she falls for Sam, will he fall back? Even if he does that doesn't matter. She has a choice that could end her. And make her loose Sammy forever. This story revolve...

  • Changes (a Sam Pottorff fanfic)
    74.3K 1.7K 50

    The first page actually has the description of the story so if you'd like to read a description click on the first page :) Thank you

    Completed   Mature