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  • Forward In Time
    33.2K 1K 17

    Book Two-Completed: Spencer Snape, in an attempt to go back to her own time, is thrust into the future, where her friends children roam. She has to come to terms with the future and keep distant from the people she'll meet there, will she be able to stay away from making friends as she tries to, once and for all, mak...

  • The Noble House Of Black
    200K 4.8K 14

    (Taking place in the Order of the Phoenix) Regulus Black married a young girl named Violetta Nous. They had a baby girl named Miriella. Regulus died while trying to destroy Salazar Slytherin's locket. End of story right? Well what happened to Violetta and her daughter? Miriella Black, preferred to be called Miri, gre...

  • The Sirius Effect
    167K 3.9K 15

    Sirius Black had always had an effect on people, especially females. People either loved him or hated him. Gryffindors loved him. Slytherins hated him. There was no in-between. However there was one girl he'd trade all his other girls for. Her name was Saphira Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy's younger and vicious sister. Saphir...

  • Clary Riddle and the Man with the Nefarious Eyes {A HP Next Generation Story}
    192K 4.2K 33

    Clarissa Rose Riddle Weasley, is just a slightly normal witch attending Hogwarts. Though no one besides the teachers and her closest friends knows she is related to the Dark Evil Lord that was once in control. She has kept it a secret, and a secret it will stay. But what will happen now that a creepy, new Defense Agai...

  • Back In Time
    77.4K 1.5K 16

    Book One: Back In Time - COMPLETED |||| Spencer Snape is sent back in time by her father, Severus Snape in the hopes of sparing her an untimely death. Will she have what it takes to change the future or will she let history repeat itself? Will she choose to go back to her own time or stay with those she's come to lo...

  • I'll Remember Someday... Fred Weasley (Final Installment of Marley Series)
    270K 7.1K 22

    Teen mom? Check. The Dark Lord's daughter? Check. Amnesia? Check. Was there anything else? Harry Potter has won the Wizarding War against the Dark Lord, the Dark Lord is dead and Fred Weasley is alive. All is right with the world, except that Marley no longer has her memories. The world has twisted upside down when Ma...

  • Interview With The Author [Book One: Completed]
    8.9K 112 48

    *Completed* Check out these awesome interviews by some amazing Authors & Authoresses! [Book two is out and completed too, so check that out also :D]

  • The First Moon Child (Second Installment of the Marley Series)
    503K 14K 38

    Prisoner in Malfoy Manor? Check. Missing Fred and Clary? Check. Find out I'm the First Moon Child? Yup, got that too. In this installment of the Marley series, Marley is a prisoner in the Malfoy Manor where she undiscovers a few things about herself and her past. Things are not always what they appear to be. Follow M...