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    Hi!My name is Jay. And I live with my sisters Inna,Lauren,BRI,G,Mo,JJ and Skye.We all live in a big house with our adoptive mother.We all support each other through thick and thin.Even when we think suicidal. But hey,sisterhood comes a long way...

  • The Hybrid Masqurade
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    Luna and her siblings moved away from their old home in Calfornia to Colorado where there's a school created for hybrids and humans. They enrolled in the school two week before the school annual Masqurade Ball. What will happen? Srry if the description is bad

  • I Hate Skylox (adopted from IMAmudkip)
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    SKYLOX STORY. Chapters eight and up from IMAmudkip's story, I Hate Skylox. (I really hope you already knew that from reading the title.) Anyways, I'm adopting it. YEAH. THERE WILL BE SO MUCH DRAMA. PEOPLE WILL CRY. FEELS WILL BE BROKEN. IS THERE ANYTHING MORE TO BE SAID!?