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  • she slipped ; malum
    29.7K 2.5K 21

    Calum did something bad; but new kids never find out until it's too late.

  • neighbors//muke
    7.8K 618 26

    michael and luke were next door neighbors aka the story where luke is a nerdy artist type and michael swims and goes 2 parties and is the complete opposite of luke cover by postermgc

  • Advice//muke
    132K 9.2K 31

    A story in which Luke Hemmings seeks relationship advice from his best friend, Michael Clifford. (cover by postermgc !!!)

  • Seventeen
    7.6K 768 18

    The one where Michael watches over Seventeen, who no one has ever met before. ((Mashton/cake mainly))

  • The Ghost Of You (bxb)
    7.1K 470 27

    If I fall.. If I fall.. Down.. - Where Michael is a demon and finds that blondie isn't scared of him [muke au]

  • Please Take Me Home
    231K 9.7K 32

    Summary: 'please take me home, too late, it's gone, i bet you're sad, this is the best time we've ever had.' ••• All Luke ever wanted was to be friends with the strange boy who drew batman and didn't own nice things but as they both grew up, all Luke ended up wanting was Michael... highest stats: #35 in fanfiction ||...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sexualities // Muke {Completed}
    205K 11.5K 32

    In which an asexual and pansexual fall in love.

  • Reckless Abandon // Muke Sequel {Completed}
    49.9K 3.9K 31

    We left a scar, size extra large In which everything is so much more difficult and Luke realises life is pretty damn hard Sequel to Sexualities

  • Definition [ot4]
    302K 19.5K 44

    "What does normal even mean? Sounds dangerous." Or the one where Calum's genderfluid and afraid of himself, Michael's demiromantic pansexual and really annoyed, Ashton's asexual and sassy, and Luke's gay and oblivious. And everyone loves Calum. ((Calum-centric ot4)) ((COVER ART BY LU AKA @coffeeshopluke))

    Completed   Mature
  • Skips A Beat ::Wattys2016::
    13.4K 838 37

    "So this is life. Moving on with or without you." 11k reads, thank you so much!

    Completed   Mature
  • friends [muke af]
    241K 16.5K 30

    sequel to 'the boy with the white eyes'.

  • lost [muke af]
    402K 27.8K 35

    "because I have a L on my wrist, I think it's you."