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  • Just Stay For Me | ONC 2020
    447 126 15

    "When something happens, it's often said that we lose a part of ourselves." From the summer of fourth grade and the summer before Freshmen year, Ella Nowak witnessed this first-hand. Now entering high school without her twin sister, Kayla, alongside her, Ella is friendless, devastated, and in pieces. She's caught betw...

  • Wattpad Writers ONC Book Club
    1.5K 116 8

    This book club is exclusively for all Open Novella Participants. Accepting Writers...

  • The Beast Within
    440 71 8

    "I'm not a monster, and I firmly believe that. " β Every creature in Glaudemerth believes a powerless elf and potential dragon, Elvira Falkov, is cursed. Most were there when the witch lay the curse on all dragons, trapping them in elf bodies. Soon after, a purple mist star...

  • Flowers Book Club
    4.6K 357 18

    Hey Wattpadders! welcome to my book club! I decided to start another book club using a new profile. So if you are interested in joining me recreate a beautiful club, then take a look inside! I'm sorry, I suck at descriptions but still, come check us out

  • The Kiss List (ON HOLD)
    2.7K 1.1K 26

    Carrie Johnson is a high school senior with two friends. They have a sleepover where they ended up making a Kiss List. The Kiss List is a list of popular boys they do and don't want to kiss, and why they feel that way. Carrie meets Jacob, and her life starts coming together. As quickly as it comes together, it starts...

  • Good Things I'll Never Do Again
    300K 19.1K 36

    Beverly only lives for herself. And maybe ice cream. She's the only person in her family that hasn't left the small town of Chestnut Ridge, Virginia, and as much as she hates the nosy neighbors, she's never seemed to be able to leave. When she loses her position at Red Ribbon's Craft Store and her estranged sister cal...

    7.1K 575 13

    Open || Accepting Submissions

  • The Dynamic Duo
    4.3K 1.5K 25

    THIS STORY USE TO BE "MY TWIN BAILEY" Halley is a teenager living her life with her single Father. When everything seems perfect, a series of events comes into place. All hell breaks loose, when Halley meets someone she has not met in years. They are the perfect duo, A Dynamic Duo. Who does Halley meet? What happens a...

  • The Brigade Choice Awards [2017-2018] [OPEN]
    2.1K 241 16

    Winter is coming. Claim your throne before it's too late.

  • Forever in Time
    8.3K 556 2

    Kate Morse grew up a survivor and fighter with too many secrets to tell. No one gets into her heart anymore either, however, after she meets the mysterious Ash Ryland, a "dark angel" with powers she cannot fathom, she's unable to resist the magnetic attraction to this man so different than any she's ever known. Unabl...

  • When Winter Falls
    63.4K 3.2K 47

    If Julia Hart was fall, Lance Taylors was winter. And when winter falls, so do they - for each other. Or so he hoped. ©thebrumous, only available on Wattpad. All Rights Reserved. [Credit to @thelimpid for being my best friend and for inspiring this very story.] | Highest Rank: #22 in Poetry. |

  • Winter's Dance (#1 Ruthen Quartet)
    41.9K 2.3K 70

    (Completed) Two assassins were set to kill a girl. No questions asked. Just kill her and claim their prize. That was their mission. Except one of them was not supposed to visit Volney, the land of the dead and the other fall in love with a girl and totally forget about his mission to kill. For an heir who had dedicat...

  • The Brigade Book Club [2016 - 2018]
    15.1K 1K 88

    Currently accepting new members || Open || All Genres and Ratings are accepted.

  • Prisoner of Chaos (Redemption Book #4)
    1M 88.9K 63

    **COMPLETED** Princess Kyla travels to Erlund in order to establish peace, only to find the prejudice of her Curse is far worse than anything she experienced back home. Despite being tortured by his own demons, Rift is determined to destroy the Dark Lord, even if that means destroying himself. In a web of twisted pol...

    Completed   Mature
  • Legacy of Alvar (Redemption Book #3)
    1.5M 120K 58

    **COMPLETED** With their world falling apart, Cursed princess, Kyla, and the mage, Rift, travel to Earth in hopes of finding King Alvar and restoring peace to Axus. However, they will have little time to celebrate any victory as the alliance between Kyla's kingdom and Erlund is threatened and talk of war is in the air...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dark Warlock: The Nox Haven Series
    505K 33.5K 35

    Destiny. It was a funny thing. I had always thought that I could create my own destiny. But after attending my junior year at Nox Haven, I knew that wasn't possible. My destiny was written two hundred years before my birth, when my ancestor- The Dark Warlock- created a cult of Dark Ones. It was my destiny to rid the...

  • The Dark One: Sequel Nox Haven Series
    1M 68.2K 42

    BOOK TWO IN THE NOX HAVEN SERIES: When you look in the mirror what do you see? Does your reflection look exactly like you or does it mirror the person you truly are. I can hardly look in the mirror anymore, the boy I loved is dead, and the one I saved cannot be trusted. With a heavy heart I try to wear my armor proudl...

  • The Dark Witch: The Nox Haven Series
    1.9M 110K 36

    I'd Like to think I was a good person, before it all began. I didn't cheat on tests, or steal. But throughout my entire life, I was treated if I were a monster. At the age of five, after several agonizing tests, I was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder. But not even that title could describe just how strange...

  • Star Cursed [Madeira Citrine Books 3 & 4]
    395K 20.7K 75

    Royal Dark Gems are male magical beings, searching for their missing female counterparts known as Royal female Gems. After 1000 years of their absence on their home planet, Kiyr, Dark Gems finally locate the rare females residing on another planet; Earth. But are they the Gems they are searching for, or are they Star...

  • Bride of Alvar (Redemption Book #1)
    8.2M 417K 49

    **COMPLETED** Some girl's mothers push them to marry a doctor, a lawyer, or a successful businessman, but all my life I've been told by my mother I'm promised in marriage to a KING from a magical world. Determined to take control of my own life, I got engaged to an Earthly boyfriend and did my best to have a normal li...

  • The Mermaid Hypothesis
    1.1M 70.9K 41

    A mermaid-obsessed teenager must overcome her selective mutism in order to rid the world of an artificial music app that has rendered human singing obsolete. ***** In the year 2020, a new artificial music app called SirenSong has gone viral, wiping...