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  • The Making of the Prince: A Loki Fanfiction
    3.8K 78 12

    • ***smut warning*** Loki and Thor's world will change forever when they discover a mysterious and beautiful girl falling out the sky and into Asgard. One prince gets particularly attached to this girl, but will love prove to be the greatest strength or the perfect weakness? Where is the line drawn between desire and...

  • Haven
    8.2M 283K 32

    Aspiring writer Norah Jacobs needs an escape. In the span of two weeks, her corrupt brother has been jailed for murder and his partner has been hovering on her doorstep, threatening to ruin what little peace she has left. Packing her car, Norah flees the city and goes off the grid, finding refuge in the small coastal...

  • Two Souls
    95 4 2

    According To Greek Mythology….The first humans were created with four arms, four legs and four eyes… They had two noses and two mouths and they terrified Zeus… He believed they had eminent powers and feared there would come a day when one would take his place as Ruler. To prevent such an incident from ever occurring...