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  • For Hire: A Damn Good Kisser (PUBLISHED)
    37M 699K 54

    Published under Pop Fiction! Grab your copy! :)

  • FHADGK 2: Good Girl Gone Bad (PUBLISHED)
    34.4M 552K 77


    72.4M 1.2M 65

    (Published under PopFiction) Anong gagawin mo pag ang best friend mo (na matagal mo nang mahal) ay sinabihan ka na gawin mong boyfriend ang kaagaw niya sa ex- girlfriend niya? Samahan si Alys sa kanyang quest to Seduce Drake Palma (ang pinakatahimik na lalaki sa balat ng wattpad)!

  • SDP2: Dating Alys Perez (PUBLISHED)
    43.5M 671K 51

    Book 2 of Seducing Drake Palma Finished: February 23, 2014 Published: March 28, 2014

  • That Uptight Man (COMPLETED)
    9.1M 138K 34

    How to sneak your way towards the heart of that uptight man?

  • Hindi Ko Inakala (COMPLETED)
    5.3M 79.9K 19

    Pagmamahal? Kailan mo matatawag na pagmamahal ang nararamdaman mo? Kapag ba masaya ka tuwing kasama siya? Pero paano kapag yung kasiyahan na nadarama mo, unti unting napapalitan ng pagdududa? At paano kapag ang taong nagtulak sa'yo upang magduda ang maging dahilan para muli kang magmahal... para lamang masaktan muli? ...

  • These Crazy Bastards (COMPLETED)
    15.9M 380K 66

    Buong buhay ni Sandy, isa lang ang gusto niyang makuha at iyon ay ang makilala si Kris. Ganito ba talaga ang buhay ng isang fan girl? Kahit halos maubos na ang pera at energy niya, in the end, fan girl pa rin siya. Nothing more, nothing less. But... what if maging kaibigan niya si Ethos na ka-grupo ni Kris? Kaya ba...

  • A Drunken Mistake (COMPLETED)
    7.4M 126K 32

    "It was just one night... One night that ruined the years we shared. One night that ruined the forever we're about to build." Started: Feb 1, 2015 Ended: Feb 2, 2015

  • How To Break-up With The Bad Boy?
    29.8M 507K 58

    Curiousity killed the cat. Monique knew that yet she didn't limit herself to know more about Chance. But she caught Lourd's curiousity, too and everything turned upside down. With Chance, it was perfect and quiet, but with Lourd, he was willing to be the best guy despite his flaws just for her. Will she give up everyt...

  • How To Steal The Bad Boy? (PUBLISHED)
    24.9M 443K 61

    The moment Kelly Acebeda met Theo Henares, her world seemed to turn upside down. He spells nothing but trouble-he's rich, he's famous and most of all, he's taken-and there was no way in hell that Kelly would stand a chance. Thankfully, she met Gabe Aldea, the almost-perfect boyfriend. When she thought that she would f...

  • Just The Benefits (PUBLISHED)
    58.9M 1M 77

    #JustTheBenefits Because strings mean more hurting... so you just want the benefits.

  • Just The Strings (COMPLETED)
    42.5M 1M 74

    (GDL # 4) All her life, Mary Imogen Suarez was led to believe that she should end up with Parker Adrian Palma. Na dapat, kay Parker lang siya. Na si Imogen ay para lang kay Parker. But the problem was, Parker never looked her way, at least, not the way she wanted him to. For him, she's just the best friend-and a remin...

  • Just This Once (COMPLETED)
    19.4M 612K 59

    I found him when he was lost. He found me when I was ready to give up.

  • Come On, Make Me (COMPLETED)
    16.3M 564K 54

    (GDL # 1) It's hard to prove yourself when everyone thinks that everything's being given to you on a silver platter. And in Siobhan Margarette's case, she'll do everything to make everyone see that she's worth it. But what will she do if someone unexpected sees her worth? Will she stay and accept? Or will she continu...

  • Almost, But Not Quite (COMPLETED)
    18.7M 663K 71

    (GDL # 2) From strangers to friends. From friends to close friends. From close friends to lovers. When Joey met Psalm, she didn't think that they'd ever be together. Paano ba naman, ex niya ang best friend nito! Psalm had seen her at her lowest, and she didn't think that there's a possibility of them being together...

  • I Watched Him Fall For Someone Else (COMPLETED)
    14.1M 432K 33

    I was 21. I just got out of college. I wanted to explore the world. I wanted to go to the US and travel around Europe. Tapos maiyak at matakot kasi naliligaw ako sa isang bansa na hindi ako pamilyar. At siguro, tumira sa Thailand for a year or two. I also wanted to work three jobs at a time. Gusto kong maranasan n...

  • Hey, Cohen (COMPLETED)
    28.1M 1.4M 172

    (GDL # 5) Ever since Sari's sister married the seemingly perfect man, she had dreamt of her own happily ever after. Gusto niya rin ng gwapo, mayaman, at gwapo na papakasalan. She'd settle for nothing less. And when she set her eyes on Cohen Isaac Gomez de Liaño... she knew that she'd stop at nothing to get him to noti...

  • No One Will Know (PUBLISHED)
    5M 171K 30

    The day Molly's attackers were set free was the day Mallary decided to take justice into her own hands. And Mallary knew that in order to do that, she would have to get closer to her enemies hanggang sa mapagkatiwalaan nila siya ng mga maduduming sikretong tinatago nila. And she'll start with Nathan... the lawyer who...

  • When It All Ends (COMPLETED)
    10.7M 255K 34

    "Didn't I promise you? I'll destroy anyone who dares hurt you." But then he left--taking my heart with him. (ENGLISH version is available in RADISH. Just search for my username BEEYOTCH and you'll see it under my works.)

  • (Game Series # 1) Play The Game (COMPLETED)
    14.4M 464K 49

    (Game Series # 1) For as long as Katherine could remember, Juan Alexandro Yuchengco has always been her dream guy. He's smart, kind, and could be funny when he wanted to... but the problem was, he never saw her as more than his sister's friend. And she's determined to change that. She followed him to law school. She...

  • (Game Series # 2) In Love With The Game (COMPLETED)
    11.1M 426K 45

    (Game Series # 2) Aurora Marie Floresca just wanted to escape their house. Ever since her father re-married, palagi na silang nag-aaway dalawa. She wanted her father to be happy, of course, but not with that evil step-mother wannabe. Unang pagkikita pa lang nila, masama na ang kutob niya sa babae. She wanted happiness...

  • (Game Series # 4) Control The Game (COMPLETED)
    9.8M 427K 62

    (Game Series # 4) Charisse Faith Viste believes in working hard. She does not believe in luck, only hard work. Bata pa lang siya, nasanay na siya na pinaghihirapan lahat ng meron siya. Being the only girl in a family full of guys, nasanay na siya na kung gusto niyang makuha, kailangan niyang pagtrabahuhan. And because...