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  • Creation L.H
    8.1K 668 46

    Nexia Rose McGarth grew up with only a father to take care of her. A father that spent most of his time in his science facility instead of with his ever curious daughter. When her father makes her a robot named Luke to make up for the not so perfect life she has to endure, life gets difficult, even dangerous. Her re...

    Completed   Mature
  • Truelove?
    50 8 2

    This story is about Jade. She finally gets her first boyfriend but what happens when he lies to her but says he loves her? Find out in the book!

    Completed   Mature
  • Texts - Calum Hood (completed)
    27.1K 1.2K 37

    You never know, one day she might read the texts he sends her and realise he's been there all along. And maybe, just maybe she'll love him back. Book 3 in the Communication Series•

  • Colors»L.R.H AU
    554 75 14

    A boy with a huge motivation and a big heart. • • • • • »Picture from Tumblr. Cover edited by me.« »June 2016- May 2018« »Loosely inspired by "Colors" by Halsey«

  • Lunatic >> M.C
    1.6K 307 19

    Crazy things happen when there's a full moon. Cover by @ashtonioxxirweenie

  • The Guitar > M.G.C.
    824 83 12

    "I remember watching your parents fall in love. It was weird watching your two best friends falling deeper into an everlasting pit." "Can you tell me the story?" "I don't think I should be telling my best friend's daughter about my love life." --------------------- ALL SONGS MENTIONED IN MY STORY ARENT MINE, THEY WILL...

  • The Rejects//5SOS
    403 61 10

    After years of watching people chase their dreams and only wishing I could do the same, I'm finally doing it too.

  • STALK [l.h]
    122K 5.1K 56

    Your glances or even accidental touches make me sick with excitement, dizzy with nausea. Nothing is more intoxicating than you, Luke Robert Hemmings.