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  • The Good Girl's Bad Girl
    2.5K 94 3

    The Furious 9, were a group of 9 of the most dangerous kids at Bayside High. They were the rebellious type of popular, they smoked and drank, skipped classes, and most of them fought in an underground fight club. Their leader was Camila Cabello, the most feared girl in Bayside. She once broke a football players entire...

  • Nighttime Surprises
    10.4K 336 10

    L A U R M A N I

  • Only You. (Laurmani)
    46.3K 1.5K 23

    Lauren's Been In Love With Normani For Years Now. What Happens When Lauren's Jealousy Shows & She Expresses Her Love For Mani? Read To Find Out. :) Highest Ranking: #25 In Laurmani