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  • Perfection indépendante
    5.1K 109 4

    Lorsque le monde tel que nous le connaissons cache des créatures surnaturelles à la fois mal attentionnées et envoûtantes que se passe-t-il ? C'est la question que se pose également Julian, un adolescent comme les autres, qui va être confronté à la dure réalité. #547 in Fantastique 09/10/2015 #298 in Fantastique 20/12...

  • The Many Faces of Tom (Tom Hiddleston Imagines/One Shots)
    528K 10.3K 53

    Imagine having been able to spend your entire life with Tom and what it could have been. A collection of short stories told your through your perspective. All you need is your imagination...

    Completed   Mature
  • Collection of One-Shots
    248K 5.9K 145

    Each "chapter" is a different short story, some are fluff and some smut. I write for Marvel, Middle Earth, Game of Thrones. Requests are currently closed.

  • To Fall in Love with Loki
    37.4K 893 29

    Young Madelyn and Loki have fallen in love. A new threat looms on the horizon. Madelyn has changed the ways of Loki, who is now in alliance with the Avengers. Nocturne, a new villain, has begun to try to take over Earth. The Avengers, including Loki and Madelyn have been called upon to defeat Nocturne before all hope...

  • As one. Always. (A Loki fan fiction)
    3M 86.8K 35

    What if Loki was supposed to attack Earth? What if it was a prophecy? Noelle is the offspring of a demi-god and a human. Raised on earth, the halfling was close to death when she woke up in Asgard. Her life will never be the same, especially after she meets Loki, Odin's second son. From the moment they met, their love...

  • Forever. I Promise (Sequel to As one. Always)
    703K 25.7K 24

    (Starts at the beginning of Thor 2) Noelle has been waiting for Loki to come home for years. And after years of separation, much has changed them and what is between them. Can Noelle find a way to bring Loki to reason and keep him from going insane from the 'voices' he hears? Or is there too much in the way of their h...