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  • Bear journals
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    Turning into a bear had never been on Marcus Bay's bucket list. And when a series of (rather unusual) events leave him trapped in the body of a teddy bear, he has no option but to give his everything in order to turn back human. Add a little pinch of family drama, a dollop of humor and we have...

  • Baby Steps
    12.1M 362K 45

    Ava Greyson is grieving the loss of her older brother, Logan, while Blake Rivers is trying to navigate the new found territory of being a teenage single father to his daughter, London. Blake asks for Ava's help, and together, the pair help each other out. What happens when Ava develops feelings for Blake and the moth...

  • The Boudoir Chronicles Vol. 1
    245K 1.2K 11

    As Featured on COSMOPOLITAN.COM! [MATURE CONTENT 18+] A boudoir (/ˈbuːd.wɑːr/; French: [bu.dwaʁ]) is a woman's private sitting room or salon; can also refer to a woman's private bedroom. In the sanctity of a woman's boudoir, anything can happen...some naughty, some nice. And the really naughty women tend to make their...

  • Letters to our Past #Wattys2016
    2.4K 279 11

    He used to call her Lily. Back then when they were seventeen they shared their passion for drama club. A passion filled with love that they would eventually feel for each other. But experiencing love for the first time can be confusing. Painful, even. It's a shame everyone seems to forget about that part. Twelve yea...

  • Tempest: The Uprising
    9.3K 666 37

    Raised in a time of peace, Dasha is confident in her ability to maintain the prosperity of her people when she finally comes to join the Royal House, but winters are cruel and the gods are harsh. Tragedy strikes the Royal family and an invader from a long forgotten land lies in waiting. Forced from her home, Dasha goe...

  • The Senator's Son (2016 Watty Award Winner)
    22.8M 143K 8

    College is just like her old life . . . bleak. Surviving it won't be easy, especially when the girlfriend of the guy she's loved her entire life would rather see her dead. So much for that clean slate. Instead she's constantly looking over her shoulder, watching, waiting and worrying. Lucky for Emma she met The...

  • A Fractured Lover (Student/Teacher)
    1.1M 50K 50

    The last two years of Alex's life have been emotionally challenging to say the least. Yet, this is a new year and all her unpleasant memories are behind her; including him. Just a few months into the new semester at her university and things start going a little haywire again. Especially with the arrival of a certain...

  • Charlotte
    4.5M 117K 32

    After a steamy night of passion with a stranger, Lesra is finally ready to throw away her old carefree habits to become a surrogate to a couple who cannot conceive. But what happens when the same stranger she slept with is the father of the surrogate baby she will be carrying? Tensions will run high in this story of l...

  • Contests
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    Romance short fiction competitions as run by the official Wattpad Romance profile. Fancy writing some Romance? This collection contains a series of prompts that can be used as a personal challenge, a way to compete with your fellow Wattpadders, and of course a great place to find some great Romance stories. Everything...

  • Blissful You
    176 9 2

    Tati and Erik are finally engaged and Jude couldn't be any happier. I mean bridemaids for his picking and/or really hot friends from both sides that he can have endless flings for days... leading up to the wedding. All was great until he meets Amelia Jenks, the maid-of-honor... Amelia Jenks has been Tati's friend for...

  • The Hum Of Existence
    6.2K 2K 138

    There's not much to tell, Except I Have much to say. And I Will everyday, So I've Learned & managed to express , A little more in a lot Less.

  • Trustless Love
    426 73 13

    College...a new start for everyone. New town, new friends, and new relationships. Kailie is a small town girl hoping that the next four years will be the time of her life. Getting away from her small town roots and going into the city is something she's always wanted. Then she meets Eric. A California boy who is cha...

  • Rules of a Rebel
    935K 47.1K 55

    " He kisses my wrist, at the spot where the bruises formed. My heart goes into overdrive, sending hot chills all over my body. I stumble in my track, gawking, open-mouthed. 'Something wrong?' Archer asks, a hint of a smirk nudging his lips. I shake my head. The smirk widens, but he says nothing and we go on. " xx...

  • Eve
    1.1K 59 20

    22 year old Eve. The name brings joy to some people. A mission to others. Eve is a wolf who has had a struggle for a life. Her mate left her when she went to tell him she was carrying his pup. He turned up four years later. Christmas night he takes her to the pack house, where she lived with her family before everythi...

  • Iris.
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    As you all know that famous song done by 'The Goo Goo Dolls'; Being named Iris isnt just a name, its a goal, its a passion, its a life. You know that color you see? Or the color you see through.. Blue, Green, Red, Yellow. Iris: making a rainbow out of life.

  • Love Hate Thing (Interracial) ON HOLD
    43.8K 1.9K 15

    **CERTAIN CHAPTERS ARE PRIVATE SO MUST FOLLOW ME TO READ EVERYTHING ENTIRELY** ''Hold me tight, let me go. Heal my heart, hurt my soul. Build me up, break me down. Make me smile, make me frown. ♫ '' ( Song ''Love Hate Thing'' by Wale ft. Sam Dew) - - Madison Graham is a black woman who is beautiful, smart...

  • Confused. True Love Revealed.
    1.3K 31 23

    Yuki a intelligent ninja accepts her fate by traveling to the human / werewolf world for a mission to be-friend a lonely girl. Her mission was to get Taylor Law to be accepted by her pack and peers. But something happen during her mission. ALL RIGHTS TO Masashi Kishimoto. I DO NOT OWN NARUTO. Yuki and Taylor Law and...

  • Beautifully Broken #Wattys2015
    1.4M 24.4K 30

    Ali Anglesey is a picture of grace, elegance and poise; but if you ask her she's just a good actress because she doesn't believe she is really any of those things. After a fall out with the Director of her ballet company Ali decides to go from full-time ballerina to full-time college student. She find's herself sadden...

  • The League
    609 61 5

    Everyone has heard of us at one point or another. We are usually associated with words such as revenge or blood-shed. People come to us when they are at their lowest, weakest points in life. When they are desperate. Some come to train, to become one of us. Next to none succeed the basics of training. We are the League...

  • New Year's Kiss (EDITING)
    1K 74 8

    I promised Alex to always be his first kiss of the year as long as both of us are not taken, three years ago. I thought it was no big deal back then it was just a kiss, a peck on the lips to be exact. Oh how wrong fourteen-year-old me was. We were living a normal life, really. I mean, sure, Alex and I still act like 5...

  • Too Fat for Love
    2.8M 82.1K 46

    Take a self-conscious slightly chubby female and throw in a cocky man who probably stepped right off the front cover of a magazine, and throw them together to plan a wedding. Things weren't going to be smooth as the icing on the cake. Throw in a stray cat, a potential boyfriend, her ex, a crazy bat shit mother, a piz...

  • The 4th Waugh
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    "Hey, you! You there! Yeah, you'll want to read this thing. ... Oh, what's it about? Well, it's about me. ... Who am I? Check out the title. That's me, Sebastian Waugh, fourth child of the Waugh family. You know the Waugh family; American Minister Waugh and Other Peoples Ambassador Waugh are, like, two of the most fam...

  • Just Me
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    An open journal

  • Turning Pages
    2.7M 32.8K 24

    With his pride and her prejudice, what could possibly go wrong? When the arrogant Blake Hansen steals Addie Preston's promotion at the library, he pretty much rubs her nose in it. But Addie, who dreams of being a full-fledged librarian, decides to stick it out. She loves surrounding herself with books and keeping her...