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  • troyler oneshots
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    troyler oneshots basically not necessarily all of them but i used to write a lot of boarding school au's summary in italics at the start of each story at your convenience! possibly discontinued unless anyone particularly wants new ones, read A/N for more info

  • Troyler One-Shot Collection
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    I don't have a Troyler fascination/obsession/problem/infatuation at all, why do you ask? Just some Troyler one-shots with no regular schedule. Expect anything but self-harm, really.

  • WANT (30 Days of Troyler Smut)
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    Who wouldn't want 30 days of Troyler smut? 1.Naked Cuddles 2.First Kiss 3.First Time 4.Make Me Beg 5.Blowjob 6.Strip Tease 7.Half Dressed 8.Skype Sex 9.Against the Wall 10.Doggy Style 11.Dom/Sub 12.Fingering 13.Angry Sex 14.Gotta keep quiet 15.Sweet and Passionate 16.Public Place 17.On the Floor 18.Morning Lazy Sex 1...