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  • Sanji x reader one shots
    101K 3.2K 26

    Sanji X reader because I keep on getting ideas for this stuff ^_^ If you have a request, just ask me and I'll try to do it I do not own one piece or any of the pictures used. If you would like me to credit a fan art that you've done and I've used then just say >~<

  • Of Warlords and Children (Trafalgar Law Book 2)
    38.6K 1.3K 30

    After gaining the title of Shichibukai it was time to go and put their plan into action. The only problem is that Rayne and Law have so much riding on this plan succeeding. After all, they have so much to lose. This is the second book in the Trafalgar Law series. The first book is Of Marines and Pirates so if you have...

  • The Puppet Master [One Piece]
    520K 19.7K 54

    Echo comes from the island Funesto deep in the Grandline, an island of Devil Fruit cultivators. She possesses the knowledge passed down to her from generations of Devil Fruit cultivators to grow, harvest and even manipulate Devil Fruits. After a massacre of her homeland, Echo is the sole survivor and last of the Devil...

  • Intangible [ One Piece]
    358K 13.8K 56

    Ultimately this is a Marco X OC fanfic, but there will be some Ace fluff as well ^-^ A few notes: The story is going to begin five years before Luffy actually sets sail (2 years before Ace sets sail). Also, I perceived Marco's devil fruit ability and the whole 'Phoenix' persona as that he is essentially ageless (as in...

  • ][Malice][ =One Piece=
    391K 16.8K 58

    =OC x Eustass Captain Kid= New Cover Art!!! Created by the fabulously amazing @iritheas on wattpad!!! Malice has been struggling to survive on her own since the young age of six. Wandering unwanted and alone she desperately searches for the father who neglected her all her life. Through her many hardships and sufferi...