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  • (RIVALS) The Upside of Falling ✔️
    43.5M 2.2M 68

    || Available in book stores!! || watty award 2017 winner! || Becca's life takes a thrilling turn when she pretends to date Brett Wells, the most popular boy in school. Becca Hart is determined to coast her way through her senior year at Eastwood High School. Counting down the days until graduation had become her cru...

  • Writers' Games - Downworlders {CLOSED}
    19.2K 718 64

    The country of Panem is no more, the rebellion from the Dictricts 496 years ago destroyed it In it's place is a new civilisation, a new world Full of creatures that you've only dreamed of, or created from your worst nightmares No one remembers the forgotten nation of Panem, except for the Games In this new world th...

  • You, Me and Mr Tree
    3.6K 764 44

    this is not a guide to life. nor a story about love. this is merely a journey that was embraced and learnt from. recollections of a candy-lover boy, a feisty girl and a tree they stole. - Cover by Sami

  • Author Games: On Air
    14.9K 555 63

    [An Author_Games original production] The world's favourite reality TV show is back! Twenty four celebrities, one house and more drama than you can shake a stick at! Each week the housemates are set tasks to complete while every details of their lives and interactions are filmed for everybody to see, and at the end of...

  • Tεrribly Pεrfεct
    3.9K 280 23

    Mandie's life has been far from perfect. Leaving her family behind was a decision she knew would effect the rest of her life. Not only was she leaving behind family, but she was leaving behind comfort and her old life. Would it be worth it in the end? With this new found freedom, Mandie decides at last minute, to enro...

  • His Game
    2.7K 79 4

    He's selfish, he's hot, he's badass, he's heartless, he's rich and he's got it all, but what is it about him that makes all the girls fawn over him? __________________________________________________________________________ Jace closed his eyes and sucked in his stomach causing his ribs to stick out slightly. His ey...

  • As Told By Nerdy
    27.3M 413K 56

    As if life wasn't hard enough being bullied and treated like garbage all the time; my loathsome, insufferable seat mate just had to come with his "secrets" and torture my every waking hour. What's the big deal you say? Nothing except for the fact that he's some insanely beautiful Greek God under those nerdy glasses. A...

  • The Long Lost Potter (Harry Potter Fan Fic) NOT TERMINATED IT'S BACK!!!
    401K 6K 54

    Molly was always considered a freak. Strange things happen around her and nobody wants to be her friend. Her whole life will change when she discovers her real name, her biological family, and her true identity. Join Molly and her adventures through Hogwarts. Btw, her real name isn't Molly. Mwuahahahaha!

  • Two of the Same (A Harry Potter Student/Teacher Romance)
    282K 6.6K 22

    When I was young, I used to dream of being saved from my completely dysfunctional household. Now, I'm fifteen, and I've given up all hope of being saved, but at least I get to escape to Hogwarts for most of the year. It's there that I finally find that escape that I had given up all hope of finding. I find someone who...

  • Alyss Granger and the Deathly Hallow
    5.2K 96 17

    Alyss has finally left Hogwarts and she's finally able to go after Tom's father, Vol Patil. But Hermione Weasley has other ideas, she wants to leave it to the aurors, something she wasn't able to do when she was 17. Alyss is 18 and believes she's better prepared, until an uninvited friend shows up and one thing that w...

  • Sierra bell Clive( Harry potter fan fiction) *COMPLETED*
    11.3K 269 22

    Sierra bell lives in a small orphanage with her twin brother Saunden. When a family known as the dursleys and Harry potter who we know as the chosen one or the boy who lived. Why do you think the dursleys are adopting Sierra?. Sierra found out she was a witch shortly after arriving at the durssleys house. Harry also...

  • The Malfoy Who Lived (A Harry Potter Fan-Fiction) *COMPLETED* (Editing)
    46K 586 21

    Draco Malfoy. Everyone knows him as the cold, cruel, heartless, cowardly, pure-blood Slytherin king. Well, they’re wrong. Draco’s in Gryffindor. Harry Potter never lost his parents. Harry Potter is the Slytherin king. Draco Malfoy is the Gryffindor hero. Want to know why? Harry wasn’t the one who got the lightning bol...

  • The Weasley Child
    15.6K 174 18

    Kerri Breckfort knows one thing for sure, she's in love with Fred Weasley and their life together is going to be perfect. Right before he goes off to fight in the war at hogwarts, the two become engaged, and Kerri shares the news that she's pregnant. Fred never returns fromt he war though, dying in battle and Kerri's...

  • [EDITING]Aria Jackson and the Cure of the Deep(Percy Jackson Fanfic)
    48.8K 717 20

    Now, you may have heard all about my famous brother Percy Jackson. But trust me, you know nothing about me. Hey, I never asked to have a brother. Like, NO way. But thanks to a few gossiping naiads, I'm stuck with a mega famous bro that thinks I've spent the last 16 years of my life with my Dad, all happy families and...

  • Convincing Amy (Amy, #1)
    1.7M 10.6K 43

    A decade of hurt; a lifetime of loss. Amy Carter has been through what most people could only imagine. Memories haunt her to her core and love ceases to exist. There is no hope in Amy’s world. And so, she dedicates her time to her studies, aiming for a law degree to gain justice for her father. Studying at Monash was...